iPhone Drone

There are lots of drones but I cannot QUITE seem to find the one I am looking for.

I could not care less for a quad-copter… their speed and range are weak.
I could not care less for a pre-made airplane… I will never be able to make it better!
I could not care less for a pre-programmed autopilot… I want to make my own!
I do not have time for a bad programming interface for the autopilot I make myself, or a slow CPU with limited memory!

I want a programmable autopilot that:
-has at least 2 GIG of storage
-is at least as fast as an iPhone
-has a really sharp, hi-res display so I can see what it is doing for diagnostic purposes
-has a really good touch-screen interface so I can set it up and configure it immediately before flight
-has internal GPS, accelerometers, and gyros for attitude control
-has an internal camera to record all flight
-uses X-Code as it’s compiler, for the interface and debugging that I know (and are among the best)

In other words, I want an iPhone for my autopilot.

All I need is a sensor package that has a pitot tube and static port, and maybe an external GPS and AHRS if they are more accurate than the phones’, and that plugs into a standard RC receiver and servos so the system can listen to commands from the ground when within radio range, and control the servos in flight.

Does such a thing exist?
Is there anyone reading this that could make such a thing?

If I had a device like this, then I could program a drone to do… anything.

drone auto

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