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X-Plane 10 Alternative Downloads

X-Plane 10 Alternative Downloads

The X-Plane 10 demo is over three gigabytes of data, and everyone wants it at once.

Over the coming years, the X-Plane Demo will be hosted exclusively by Laminar Research servers. But for now, during the initial rush to get X-Plane 10, any servers will be overwhelmed. For this reason, we are making the demo available by torrent.
This is the recommended way to get the X-Plane 10 demo now.

Here is how it works:
You install a cool little program called uTorrent (or any other BitTorrent program) and use it to download the X-Plane 10 Demo. What is so cool about this is that as your computer downloads the demo, it uploads it to other customers as well! This way, the more people get it, the more people give it! No matter how big the file, and how many people want it, the download speed never slows down!

So, if at all possible, use uTorrent (or any other BitTorrent program) to get the X-Plane 10 demo… you and everyone else will get it faster that way!

First, install uTorrent (available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux), then

Download the X-Plane 10.02 Demo for Mac/Windows/Linux Torrent


If the torrent does not get to 100% completion, or does not give you executable files, or you want to update the torrent download with a new version of X-Plane, then simply exit your BitTorrent program and run the updater to update to the latest version. The updaters are here: