Ultra-Realistic Flight Simulation

Download the free X-Plane 10 Demo

Download the free X-Plane 10 Demo

Get a free demo version of the X-Plane 10 flight simulator using the following installer. This demo is nearly identical to the full version of X-Plane 10 Global—it has the same aircraft, with the same world-class flight model and beautifully realistic rendering technology—but it only comes with scenery for the Seattle area (instead of the whole world), and it will ignore joystick input after 15 minutes.

This free demo includes:

  • over 40 aircraft, including general aviation planes, airliners, gliders, helicopters, and fighters,
  • the ability to shoot IFR and VFR approaches with ATC guidance, and
  • immersive scenery for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the surrounding area.

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS X

Download for Linux (64-bit) Download for Linux (32-bit)

Note that if you already have the X-Plane 10 demo installed, this installer will update that demo instead.