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To browse the list of X-Plane manuals, please see the X-Plane Manuals page. This includes the X-Plane 10 manual (in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish), as well as manuals for Plane Maker, EFIS App, and the X-Plane Mobile apps.

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Check the user manual appropriate to your X-Plane product first. If that doesn’t resolve your problem or question, get fast online help by posting your question on the X-Plane Question and Answer site.

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Contacting customer service

Save yourself time by trying the options listed above before contacting customer service. Also, be sure you have the latest version of the software you’re using before calling.

While our regular tech support staff is on vacation, for customer service regarding a copy of X-Plane 10 Global (as sold here at X-Plane.com), please contact Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane. You can reach him at 1-803-724-2532, or austin@x-plane.com. To contact customer service regarding a copy of X-Plane 10 Regional, please email our distributors, Graphsim Entertainment, at service@graphsim.com.

To submit a bug report, use this form.

For questions regarding your order status from X-Plane.com, email our shipping department at orders@x-plane.com.

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