Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 3 (Scenery and Lighting)

Tyler Young

In this edition of Version 10 Tuesdays, we’re showing off more of the scenery and lighting systems.

The images seen below are primarily of a “research and development” airport used for testing scenery art assets, so it isn’t necessarily representative of a certain airport in X-Plane 10. However, the images do demonstrate how World Editor (WED) might be used to build an airport, as this scenery was put together in about 20 minutes.

The scenes below demonstrate a small fraction of the airport art assets we’ll be using in Version 10. They’re also designed to show off the 3-D shadows and global lighting, as well as some of the tree placement. The airport terminal in some of the images is one of our new “plausible facades,” where the shape of the building can be anything a designer can draw in WED using bezier paths–it is not an X-Plane object.

If you missed past editions of V10 Tuesday, see Installment 1 and Installment 2.

Images (click to see full size)

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