Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 5 (Clouds and Carriers)

Tyler Young

Welcome to the fifth edition of Version 10 Tuesdays!

To the right is an early development shot of X-Plane 10’s clouds. These are color-coded based on the drawing distance and puff-size for debugging purposes, so the colors are, of course, not final. But they do look… cloudy!

The USS Nimitz supercarrier featured below from Khamsin Studio is available in X-Plane 9 as a payware add-on (from, here). In X-Plane 10, though, it will be included as the standard carrier. In addition, X-Plane 10 will include Khamsin Studio’s Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, also seen below.

These are some very detailed models that we really believe will enhance the carrier operations of Version 10.

Keep in mind that these screenshots are taken in X-Plane 9, which we are currently using for testing the models.

If you missed past editions of Version 10 Tuesday, see Installment 1, Installment 2, Installment 3, and Installment 4.

Images (click to see full size)

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