Updates to X-Plane Mobile apps

Tyler Young

The last couple of weeks have been busy for our mobile apps. Here’s what’s been updated since the beginning of November:

  • X-Plane 9 (iPhone/iPod Touch/Pre)
  • X-Plane Airliner
  • X-Plane Extreme
  • X-Plane Carrier
  • X-Plane Glider
  • X-Plane Racing
  • X-Plane Helicopter
  • X-Plane Apollo
  • Space Shuttle
  • X-Plane HDEF 4G
  • X-Plane for iPad
  • EFIS App for iPad

Many of these updates include new aircraft, so if you haven’t checked for updates in the App Store lately, you should!

Note that these updates are not impacting X-Plane 10’s development; they are managed almost exlusively by Austin, owner of X-Plane, whose portion of X-Plane 10-related work is essentially complete. The rest of the development team is, and has been, working at full steam on Version 10.

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