X-Plane 10 Delayed

Tyler Young

We previously projected that X-Plane 10 would be released in December of 2010. We now know that we won’t be able to meet this date and still deliver the simulator that we envision X-Plane 10 to be; in order to meet the standards we have for Version 10, we have to push its release back some number of months. We’re working out a new release date now–a date that won’t be pushed back again–which we will announce as soon as possible. In the meantime, our development team will continue to work as efficiently as possible on this massive undertaking.

With all the new technologies we’re bringing together in X-Plane 10, we believe the new simulator will be a major new landmark in X-Plane’s history. We know how eager our fans are to see the finished product, but this delay will ensure that the product you see is one that will elevate X-Plane to an entirely new level.

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