The X-Plane Social Event Community

Tyler Young

The X-Plane forum for younger users has changed its purpose. Here’s an update from the site’s administrator:

Hello all X-Plane users!

Lately I have been working very hard on a new forum, which, as you may know, was for the younger users. This is no longer the case. A friend and I had discussed many issues with the forum, and we decided to change the forum’s purpose. So today, I would like to share the site’s new purpose!

My site is now the X-Plane Social Event Community. It will feature official voting, technical support, loads of interviews, social reviews and discussions, news, and more!

So as time goes on, more and more interviews will be posted. The x737 team, the SSG team, Peter’s Aircraft, and Javier Rollon (creator of the CRJ200) have all interviewed thus far, and more is being written all the time!

So I encourage all readers to come and check it out. The community is new, so everyone is more than welcome to come along and register. It would be great to see the user list expand over time!

If you are interested, visit the site.

Thanks to all that have taken interest!

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