Gee Bee Model R

Tyler Young

This week’s Featured Freeware is the Gee Bee Model R, an aircraft from the early days of competition air racing. It’s a challenge to fly, but it’s loads of fun. Imagine being a pilot racing these in 1932!

Tips on flying the Gee Bee from the model’s creators at VSKYLABS:

  • If the engine quits on idle (on the ground) – hit the starter button and apply some throttle.
  • Release brakes before running to prevent a nose-over.
  • Set the aileron trim one notch to the right.
  • On take off – add some right aileron input to counter torque roll on take off run.
  • Push the stick forward and “fly” the airplane tail-up for best runway orientation.
  • Wait for at least 70 Knots before taking it to the air – It stalls aggressively.
  • Let it gain airspeed before maneuvering.
  • Make round and wide maneuvers. High speed stalls are wild.
  • Make room for landing-slow down. Final at 90 Knots, Touchdown at 70 Knots and below. Avoid stall on flare.
  • Do not rush to lower the tail.

(After clicking the button below, scroll down and click the Download link for “V10_VSL_GB_RACER”.)

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