X-Plane Featured on Disciples of Flight

Jennifer Roberts

Many X-Plane users know what a great training resource flight simulators can be (in addition to being great fun, of course!), but a recently published article on Disciples of Flight gives numerous examples of how flight simming has benefited a pilot.

The title “Flight Simulator flying skills translate into real world abilities” of the article on the site leaves you no question on how the author feels about flight simulators.He thoroughly defends the validity of using simulators to train. He also gives personal examples of the ways his simulator experience has helped him and impressed instructors. The author also compares three of the top desktop flight sims currently on the market, and while he doesn’t make a specific recommendation, we think it’s no accident X-Plane is at the top of the list.

Check out this article and keep it in mind if  you ever need evidence for friends or family that the hours they think you spend “playing” on your simulator isn’t time well spent.

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