WorldEditor 1.5b3 now available

Jennifer Roberts

WorldEditor 1.5 beta 3 is now available on the WorldEditor download page.

Besides a number of new features, WorldEditor 1.5 has much stricter validation checking.

If you haven’t tried a WED 1.5 beta yet, you may be surprised by how many validation errors WED finds. We put the validation in because X-Plane’s ATC absolutely cannot function without properly marked taxi routes; they are the only way that the ATC understands how airplanes are operating at the airport.

It’s not fun discovering that you have a big pile of problems to fix in your airport. To that end, we have been working on the docs to make sure that the systems are clearly documented, and we are now working on the validation messages themselves to make them more clear.

You can learn more about the new validation here and get a copy of WorldEditor here.

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