X-Plane 10 Weather

OK, I have given you the rundown on the plausible, scalable, dynamic world for X-Plane 10. If you haven’t read it yet, see the post from 15 September. I have given you the run-down on the system requirements: lower than X-Plane 9, because of it’s more efficient use of RAM and CPU, but desiring all […]

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Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 1

Welcome to the first edition of Version 10 Tuesdays! Once a week, we’ll be releasing screenshots of the upcoming X-Plane 10. The images in this week’s installment are demonstrating the X-Plane 10 “plausible world” model. From airports to roads to buildings, X-Plane 10 scenery represents a huge change in our modeling. We’re building every city […]

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The X-Plane 10 Core Engine

From Austin, lead developer and owner of X-Plane: I have a write-up a mile long of all the features already done for X-Plane 10, but let’s save all those details for later. Other than a gajillion various flight-model and scenery over-hauls and a near-complete internal re-write to make the code more object-oriented and thus easier […]

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