The HASP USB key used to unlock X-Plane for professional use

X-Plane 9 Level III USB Key

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Note that pro-use keys do not include X-Plane 9 DVDs.

The Level III key for X-Plane 9 will do everything that the Level II key will do, in addition to driving real Garmin G430 and G1000 GPS units. It can do cylindrical and spherical projection as well. To use these USB keys, you will need to download and install the HASP USB key driver. Note: In order to interface with a real G430 or G1000, users must get a Simulator G430 or G1000 from Garmin, then make the wiring harnesses to plug them in to the serial or Ethernet cables to the computer. Users unsure on how to do this are better off buying a simulator boxed and ready to go from Precision Flight Controls. PFC provides ready-made units with real G430s and G1000s installed and running.

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