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X-Plane 10 DVD Installation

Installing the X-Plane 10 DVDs

When you get your X-Plane DVDs, download and run the appropriate DVD installer below. Do not use the installer that comes on the Disc 1 DVD.

  1. Grab the latest installer appropriate to your platform below.
  2. Insert the DVD Disc 1 into your drive.
  3. Run the installer that you downloaded. Do not run the installer found on the DVD.

X-Plane 10 Installer/Updater:

Updating X-Plane 10

You can also update X-Plane by running the above installer. If you have already installed X-Plane it will give you an option to update or add/remove scenery.  You can also update X-Plane using the About menu in X-Plane; if there is a new version a button will let you update. For detailed instructions, see the Knowledge Base article Updating X-Plane.