Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 6 (General Aviation Aircraft)

Tyler Young

Welcome to the sixth edition of Version 10 Tuesdays!

This week, we’re showcasing some of the general aviation aircraft that will be included in X-Plane 10: the Beechcraft King Air, Beechcraft Baron, and the Lancair LC-40 Columbia 400.

Keep in mind that the usual caveat applies: these photos were taken in X-Plane 9, which we are currently using as a stable testing platform for the new models. When they are finalized, however, the models will work only with X-Plane 10.

If you missed past editions of Version 10 Tuesday, see Installment 1, Installment 2, and Installment 3, Installment 4, and Installment 5.

Images (click to see full size)

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