Patent Troll Update

Jennifer Roberts

We at Laminar Research, along with many other companies, are being sued by a company called Uniloc, which is owned by The Marathon Patent Group (NASDSQ: MARA) FOR USING THE GOOGLE STORE.

Uniloc, despite having no affiliation with Google, claims to own a patent that DESCRIBES the Google Store. Here is that description from their patent.

We at Laminar Research, along with other companies being sued, recently overturned this claim in court. Uniloc’s response was to say that we now infringe on some DIFFERENT claims by using the Google Store.

Uniloc offered to let the lawsuit against us stop if we just gave them $50,000.

We declined.

Laminar Research will continue to overturn Uniloc’s and the Marathon Patent Groups absurd patent claims as long as they continue to make them.

To learn more about the ongoing disaster that is our patent system, go to

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