August’s Best X-Plane Add-Ons

Thomson Meeks

Here are some of our favorite add-ons from the month of August, 2019.


X-Codr released an exceptional model of Montgomery International (KMGM) this month as a freeware add-on. This package features the main airline terminal as well as all sorts of other airport facilities with a high degree of accuracy.

Orbx released their latest X-Plane package in August. Oregon now has the full TrueEarth treatment! The HD version of this package even feature 1.2 meters/pixel accuracy.


MilViz released another solid X-Plane aircraft this month, the DHC-3T Turbo Otter. This plane is perfect for you backcountry runs. It features separate models for land and sea operations.

Our X-Plane King Air C90 received some excellent FMOD sounds in the latest major X-Plane update, X-Plane 11.35. Check out our video on this here.

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