Meet Gateway Artist CptCharlesG

Jennifer Roberts

Today we get to know Károly Nagy, known on the Gateway as CptCharlesG, from Baja, Hungary. His first (and favorite) Gateway submission was his nearest international airport, Budapest Ferenc Liszt (LHBP).

Question: Why did you choose X-Plane as your flight simulator?

Answer: My journey to X-Plane wasn’t flawless. I tried X-Plane around 2010 and uninstalled it after half an hour. I was an FSX guy, that was the platform what I’ve learned from tutorials, and by that time it had a decent look thanks to many add-ons. For me, X-Plane was quite the opposite at the time: I should have learned the platform from scratch, but I did not see the point to do so, because it did not look as a better option (black clouds, bumpy runways, and as much I can remember not better fps on my system). Honestly, I did not even care about flight dynamics that much back then (I used to fly only airliners on VATSIM). So I stayed with FSX and bought tons of add-ons for way too much money. It was heavy on my wallet, but also on my computer, and thanks to 32 bit the outcome was a beautiful disaster. Later the 64 bit Prepar3D looked like the ultimate solution, but then the major add-on makers wanted to sell their product once again for the new platform, usually at a higher price. And that time I faced the hard question, do I really want to spend so much money once again?

And right then X-Plane 11 (beta?) arrived (bought X-Plane 10 to get it), and it changed everything. Beautiful lighting, decent default aircraft, usable default scenery (that thanks to the Gateway improved a lot recently), great performance and active development. Thanks to some free plugins and mods (e.g. ZIBO 737 is phenomenal) from the same or less money I got a new simulator plus everything I really need. And it is sable, reliable, it has awesome flight dynamics, slope runways, incredible free and paid add-ons, and a great community! For me it was a big win, and never look back.

Q: What motivates you to develop X-Plane scenery?

A: Possibly to make a better world together? I was always happy to contribute in projects where in return I get a lot from other members of the community. I improve a few airports, and the next day I can fly to anywhere on the world knowing that without any add-on airports I still can land safely and find my way to the right gate – something that wasn’t trivial in FSX (once I even had to divert as the new VTBS airport was missing entirely – that was at around 2-3 am. departed from EGLL).

The actual reason I started to develop to the Gateway was that LHBP (the closest international airport) had only a few 3D terminals and nothing else. But I have seen the opportunities with the lego bricks, and decided to make it look a bit better, and update everything (stands, freq, etc), so I can convince my friends easier that X-Plane is a really promising alternative.

Nowadays, as new assets are being introduced, I always think about what could I improve with them. Also most of the airports are always changing, so it keeps me motivated to keep them updated.

Q: Do you have a favorite airport that you have submitted to the Gateway?

A: LHBP – It was the first, and the most decent so far (updated lately). Also this is the airport to which I am the most connected in real life (just like many Hungarians). But the list is not too long, I have submitted only 4 airports so far: LHBP, LHDC, LDSP, LJLJ. All of them are interesting in some way. The other 3 would benefit from some care too (update + new assets), but unfortunately nowadays I do not have too much time even to fly, not to mention development.

Q: Do you have any advice for newbie Gateway artists?

A: There are tons of tutorials (articles, videos, posts) so check them, it will be rewarded while you are developing the scenery. Then choose a smaller airport near to your location, or whichever is close to your heart, that needs some care. And don’t forget, count doesn’t matter, make one, but make it awesome, and keep it updated if you can.

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