X-Plane 11 GPS & FMS

X-Plane 11 includes a redesigned FMS and GPS with new features that make them even more useful. Now you can pop out the G530, G430 or FMS and freely resize the window. You can move it wherever you want, including to a second monitor.  In addition to selecting approaches in the GPS, now you can select departures […]

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New Autogen in X-Plane 11

X-Plane’s automatically generated scenery (“autogen”) is unique among simulators. It uses data provided by OpenStreetMap to build scenery based on real world features, such as roads and bodies of water, instead of randomly arranging static scenery tiles. X-Plane 11 will be going a step further by including regional differences in autogen scenery–Europe now has its own unique buildings […]

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X-Plane 11.00b1 now available

The first beta version of X-Plane 11 is now available! You can try the demo or buy the X-Plane 10 + 11 combo pack now to get access to the beta. Keep in mind this is a beta version of X-Plane 11. That means this version of X-Plane 11 will be buggy! It will have […]

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X-Plane 11’s Default Aircraft

The whole default fleet has been upgraded for X-Plane 11 to ensure consistent quality and usability. All the aircraft have been lovingly overhauled to have stunning exteriors and completely functional 3D cockpits.

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Living airports in X-Plane 11: fuel trucks, baggage carts, and more

Real world airports can be very busy places, with a sense of barely controlled chaos due to all the traffic moving around. X-Plane 11 now includes dynamic vehicles that will perform all kinds of services for your aircraft. These service trucks make the airports look more alive and populated: see the service vehicles driving around the airport, or servicing other […]

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X-Plane 11 Flight School

X-Plane 11 will be able to teach you fly in X-Plane… from within X-Plane. One of our biggest goals here at Laminar Research was making X-Plane 11 easier to use from the get go. One of the ways we’re doing that is by including tutorials for the first time in our desktop simulator. X-Plane 11 features […]

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