September 2019 – The State of the Betas Address

Hello there!

X-Plane 11.36 is currently shipping as a beta with a few minor fixes. Later this month we’ll have an update with flight model changes from Austin. We also have news on the mobile schedule below.

Upcoming Dates

  • Flight Sim – October 5 & 6, RAF Museum, Cosford, UK

X-Plane will be returning to Cosford next month! We will be exhibiting X-Plane 11 in VR and Philipp Ringler will be presenting the latest X-Plane updates and features.

Mobile News

We’re running late! Sorry! Our original plan was to “simply” add Global Scenery and Airports to the mobile product and release over the summer…but then we decided to do even better. We also made massive improvements to the autogen, reflections, lighting model, terrain textures, and you’re not limited to a few times of day anymore. You can now fly any time you want, day or night, and time marches on by itself–much like it has with our schedule! Our new plan is to begin public testing in the next month or so and release this fall. No one likes schedule slip but we think you’ll find the product will be worth it.

The new high-resolution globe in X-Plane Mobile’s Freeflight screen allows you to design your flight in advance and optionally “pack” so that you can enjoy flying it at a later time when network access might be unavailable. More screenshots coming soon!

Honeycomb Aeronautical

Honeycomb is finally shipping the highly anticipated Alpha Flight Controls towards the end of September. PC Pilot awarded the yoke with a 98/100 and a Platinum Award in its June/July issue. The yoke features a 180° aileron axis and a dual linear bearing elevator axis for ultra smooth controls. Additional features include Master, Avionics and Light Switches as well as an ignition switch. More info on

Honeycomb Yoke

Tips & Tricks

The data output screen in X-Plane 11 allows you to troubleshoot issues by sending over 100 different types of data to the cockpit, over a network, or to a file.

Play data output tutorial

Check out our round up of the latest aircraft and scenery here!

august add ons

Gateway News

We recently received an excellent submission of London Gatwick (EGKK) by artist Jordanstyer!

Happy flying!

— The X-Plane Team

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