X-Plane 11.35b1 is an update that includes updated Gateway airports, FMOD sound for the Boeing B737-800 and KingAir C90B, improved aircraft systems, and landmark scenery packs for New York and Washington D.C.

Known bugs

  • XPD-7871 Dark contrails instead of white.
  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.

New features and improvements

New and updated global airports

Bug fixes

Release Candidate 1

  • Portuguese translation strings.
  • XSG-8179 ILS Tower in the middle of RWY 4L.
  • XPD-10219 No fuel burn if electric engines.
  • XPD-10221 Cannot load procs for Vegas approach.
  • XPD-10226 Added VR command toggle.

Beta 6

  • XPD-10200 Unable to use Valve Index controllers with X-Plane.
  • XPD-10214 X-Plane hangs when using auto update.

Beta 5

  • XPD-9892 Fix for some users not being able to customize weather.
  • XPD-9958 Glider should not be used as AI.
  • XPD-9996 Fixed editing of baud rate field.
  • XPD-10078 ATC taxi routes were misaligned at high altitude airports.
  • XPD-10107 Marker beacon broadcasts in a circle, not ellipse.
  • XPD-10123 AI Pilot dos not adjust directional gyro.
  • XPD-10140 Some objects do not show alpha transparency correctly during night time.
  • XPD-10155 Fixed spurious log errors for AI FMOD sound.
  • XPD-10157 C172 airspeed indicator not updating on ex vis machine.
  • XPD-10162 METAR “TS” does not give thunder in sim.
  • XPD-10173 Crash in zip code in DRM on Linux.
  • XPD-10178 Pitch Hold or CWS P mode does not hold the current aircraft pitch.
  • XPD-10188 Always export physics mesh to OBJ/STL even if hidden.
  • XPD-10196 Fix VR keyboard for plugins.
  • XPD-10197 Fixed fuel levels for 3 tank aircraft.
  • XPD-10198 Ticking sound on the MCP during cruise when match is selected.
  • XPD-10204 Fixes for military beacons.

Beta 4

  • XPD-10073 Garmin moving maps issues.
  • XPD-10147 Crash to desktop when writing to plugin preference file.
  • XPD-10168 Fix crash if plugin deletes menu from menu CB.
  • XPD-10172, XPD-10177 Fix truncated ramp start count in apt data.
  • XPD-10181 Fix freeze on quit when nav data fails to parse.

Beta 3

  • XPD-9928 Fix reference to classic locale.
  • XPD-10049 Fixed carrier starts for seaplanes.
  • XPD-10084 Fix for Weather Data Over UDP Incorrect for Negative Lat/Lon.
  • XPD-10137 Fix grunge obj has no texture.
  • XPD-10141 Fix crash when multiplayer ACF has drag chute.
  • XPD-10146 Static aircraft were not parsed.
  • XPD-10151 Issue fixed with JARDesign 320 and 330.
  • XPD-10159 CG_indicator dataref broken.
  • XPD-10164 Don’t notify plugins on pseudo-ACF used for only UI.
  • XPD-10165 EDLP runway length for AI traffic.

Beta 2

  • XPD-10143 Clouds rendering broken with HDR and 2xFSAA+FXAA.
  • XPD-10145 Fixed NYC scenery pack typo.

Beta 1

  • XPD-7915 Fix for crash in ATC when AI goes off end of route.
  • XPD-8020 UDP RREF dataref reportage is inconsistent.
  • XPD-8106 Weather screen temp based on sea level not airport.
  • XPD-8224 Removed duplicates in the command bindings UI.
  • XPD-8424 MD-82 idle is wrong.
  • XPD-8518, XPD-8839, XPD-8876, XPD-9422, XPD-9962 Fixes to metar.rwx interpretation.
  • XPD-8715 Reverser failure issue.
  • XPD-8898 Fix to real weather winds.
  • XPD-8942 DataRefs.txt file description error.
  • XPD-9193 Turn and bank indicator limited on Aerolite 103.
  • XPD-9531 C172 stalls way too early now.
  • XPD-9670 Drop down left behind if ATC window closed via menu icon.
  • XPD-9709 Aerolite flaps break when fully extended, even when aircraft is parked.
  • XPD-9743 Option to assign keyboard shortcuts to pop out g530.
  • XPD-9861 Errors in MD-80 POH.
  • XPD-9917 SF50 VR pilot view is in the dash.
  • XPD-9937 ATC Phonetic Constructs corrections.
  • XPD-9970 ATC Callsign Change.
  • XPD-9981 B738: APU EGT levels and availability don’t match the real aircraft.
  • XPD-9982 B738: Battery switch and guard mismatch.
  • XPD-10030 C90B: audio panel COM selection, marker selection not working.
  • XPD-10032 Cirrus type changed to cumulus in metar.rwx.
  • XPD-10034 FCS-65 climb and descend modes not working.
  • XPD-10050 Crash using FMS near an airport that has no runways.
  • XPD-10052 AreaFlood_HighMast.obj not showing in x-plane.
  • XPD-10057 Satellite misspelled in Map.
  • XPD-10064 Serial Port Yoke Restricted/Stuck Movement.
  • XPD-10069 Problems with G1000 popout.
  • XPD-10070 No Buildings at LOWI & KSEA.
  • XPD-10074 Jet engine high idle and lo idle – cannot write to dref.
  • XPD-10080 All airports are marked as 3-D.
  • XPD-10087 Default King Air C90 – duplicate texture problem.
  • XPD-10088 C172 flaps 40 degrees in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10094 KCLT missing from 11.33 Gateway export.
  • XPD-10100 Outdated airport names in ATC spreadsheet.
  • XPD-10106 ASK total energy fix.
  • XPD-10130 Fix crash when control pad disconnects.

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