This is a partial version history of the X-Plane installers and updaters. You can also download the latest installer for updates or the web demo on the main website.

Pre-815 Installers

Before X-Plane 815 there were no updaters; updates from X-Plane 8 to 815 were accomplished by downloading an archive of individual files that required replacing. There were two sets of installers:

  • A set of very minimal, very ugly dialog box installers were on the Laminar Research multi-OS DVDs.
  • The GraphSim DVDs had their own OS-native installers.

These pre-815 DVDs are not compatible with any of the new X-Plane installers (1xx or 2xx versions). However if you are unable to use the installer on the DVD, you can probably install the sim manually; for these DVDs the sim and scenery are stored as a small number of large zip files that can be unzipped by the operating system.

Installer 100-123

This is the first generation of installers. One installer installs the sim off DVD, and one updates a sim off the web or downloads the latest demo.

The installer was modified several times to address bug fixes, etc. Some versions are buggy, so users should always use the latest (123) version if the version on DVD does not work.

The DVD installers are compatible with X-Plane 8 DVDs from versions 815-860. (The latest X-Plane 8 version is 864, but 860 is the last DVD – the minor update is only available as a web patch.)

Note: the X-Plane beta DVDs contain the version 123 installer.

These installers can be identified by their large size (1024×768) and sky blue background.

Installer 124

Installer 124 is a temporary installer, using first generation technology to update and install X-Plane 9. The 124 installer was discontinued when the 200 installer was released. The 124 installer is found on DVD for the very first (X-Plane 900RC2) GraphSim DVDs.

This installer can be identified by its size (1024×768, big) and the orange background image with a Piagio P180.

Installer 200

In the 200 series of installers, the format of the installers was been changed:

  • There are separate installers for installing the web demo vs updating the sim.
  • Fetching betas is a preference rather than a separate application.
  • The installer has a strict “wizard” format.
  • The sim and installers track install locations and allow you to pick from a short list of existing installs.

The 200 series of installers also had a number of new features:

  • One install for an entire 6-disk DVD set. The installer prompts you to change disks.
  • Faster installation, particularly on multi-core machines.
  • A map to select which scenery you want to install in 10×10 groups.
  • An option to add and remove scenery from an existing installation.

The 200 series of installers can be identified by their small size (800×600) and blue sky background.

Note that while there is one version (e.g. 200, 201, etc.) sometimes only some of the applications are published, depending on what is needed.

Installer 200

The original next-gen installer on the first set of final X-Plane DVDs (X-Plane 9.0) from LR. This version was only published as a DVD installer.

Installer 201

The original next-gen installer with updaters and demo installers, and a few changes in wording.

Installer 202

This is a bug fix that lets the updater install even if it can’t find a copy of the sim. This version is released only as an updater.

Installer 203

This is a bug fix for the “Find It!” selection dialog box on Linux. This version is released only as an updater for Linux.

Installer 204

This installer is localized for German and French, and features a new unicode text implementation. This installer is capable of showing non-ASCII code locations and can support install locations that are not in the current ANSI code page on Windows. Other bug fixes:

  • Demo installer names the demo X-Plane 9 and registers it.
  • DVD installer will locate the DVD even if an iPod with a non-ASCII file name is plugged in.
  • Crash bug fixed in Windows Installers

The 204 installers is released in all formats (updater, DVD installer, web demo installer) for all operating systems.

The 204 installer has enhanced detection for the case when a newer installer is available. This is a non-issue now but will improve the “your installer is out of date” message in the future.

Installer 205

The 205 installer is available in all formats (3 operating systems, demo installer, DVD installer, updater). The 205 installer adds six-language support (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian) as well as some bug fixes and usability improvements:

  • Add/remove scenery is much faster on the DVD installer.
  • The scenery map colors have been changed to make the feature more clear.
  • The DVD installer defaults to installing no scenery to prevent confusion.
  • Fix to non-ASCII characters in open-save dialog box on Mac.
  • Go-to-URL fixed on Linux.

The 2.05 installers are still available for users who need them here.

Installer 206

The 206 installer is available in all formats (3 operating systems, demo installer, DVD installer, updater).

  • The 206 web demo installer and updater improve web download times by downloading from multiple servers simultaneously.
  • The 206 DVD installer corrects problems with Linux DVD installation on some distributions.

Known Bug: the 206 installer has slightly higher system requirements than X-Plane itself. If you have one of the very oldest video cards that X-Plane can run, and the 206 installer will not load due to hardware requirements, you may want to download the 205 installers (see the above section for download).

Installer 300

Installer 334

Version 3.34 allowed DVD as well as digital download installation.

Installer 340

The final X-Plane 10 installer version is 3.40r3. It combines the formerly separate demo & full installers into one installer and includes minor bug fixes.

Installer 400

The 400 series of installers is used to update and install X-Plane 11. The installer has been re-skinned to match the X-Plane 11 user interface and the scenery picker is grouped by regions instead of tiles.

Installer 400

Initial public version of the X-Plane 11 installer.

Installer 401

Minor fixes included a hang when scanning large scenery installs & Navigraph EULA.

Installer 402

This version of the installer included a new “Update scenery” option for digital download beta users to get scenery recuts.

Bug fixes:

  • INS-116 Warn when using a known-problematic Intel HD 520 or 530 driver.
  • INS-123 Added Enter & Escape keyboard handlers to back & continue buttons.
  • INS-128 Islands display differently in installer map.
  • INS-132 Don’t leave 0 KB files when stopping install of scenery.
  • INS-133 Enabled “paranoid” permissions checking.
  • INS-134, INS-65 We now forbid installing in known-problematic locations.
  • INS-139 Installer now plays nice with high-DPI displays & OS scaling on Windows 8.1 & higher.
  • INS-141 Fixing warning about missing textures.
  • INS-145 Fix bogus DSF dates.
  • Updated translations from X-Plane.

Installer 403

This version contained new translations for all languages & additional logging.

Bug fixes:

  • INS-143 Crash when DVD inserted.
  • INS-147 Installer crashes when using cancel install button + no internet.
  • INS-154 Cmd+Q isn’t wired.
  • INS-156 “Back” button in german translation wrong.
  • INS-158 Shows X-Plane 10 after update.

Installer 410

This version adds GDPR compliance and some bug fixes.

  • INS-161 Mac High Sierra mouse cursor fix.

Installer 412

This version includes bug fixes for non-ASCII characters and updated Windows manifests.

  • INS-176 Permission denied errors on Windows.

Installer 413

This version fixed X-Plane not launching on MacOS Catalina after installing updates.

  • INS-177 Warning about missing texture in log.
  • INS-193 Ice Lake GPU compatibility problems.

Installer 500

The 500 series of installers is used to update and install X-Plane 12. The installer has been re-skinned to match the X-Plane 12 user interface.

Installer 500

Initial public version of the X-Plane 12 installer.

Installer 502

Better handling of temporary server connectivity problems

Installer 503

Makes 503 or newer installers compatible with future X-Plane 12 DVDs

Fixes to working with some firewalls

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