Installing X-Plane into the Applications folder on Apple computers can cause many problems, including but not limited to notices about denied permissions during updates or while using the simulator.

If you have installed or moved the X-Plane folder into the Applications folder, move X-Plane to just about anywhere else, such as Documents, Desktop (recommended), etc, then:

  1. Download the linked “” file, unzip it and save it to your X-Plane directory.
  2. Navigate to your X-Plane folder in Finder.
  3. Open the Terminal app (found in Applications > Utilities)
  4. In the Terminal window, type “python ” (that is, the word “python” followed by a space)
  5. Drag and drop the “” file into the Terminal window. The line of text in the Terminal should now read something like:
    python /some/path/goes/here/
  6. Once more in the Terminal window, press Enter to run the permissions fixing tool.
  7. The Terminal may prompt you for your password. Go ahead and type your password (note that it will not be visible on screen) and hit Enter.
  8. After a couple minutes, you’ll see the following text in the Terminal window, indicating the script to fix your file permissions has completed, and it’s safe to close the window:
    Saving session...completed.
    [Process completed]
  9.  At this point, the permissions in the X-Plane installation should be repaired, and you should be able to run the installer successfully.

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