There is a known issue running the X-Plane 11 Installer on computers with Intel HD 520 or Intel HD 530 graphics cards.

This is caused by a problem in old versions of the Intel graphics drivers. (See “Fixing the Issue” below.)

The problem manifests in the installer window “freezing” partway through the installation, at which point the buttons and text boxes in the installer stop responding, and the only option is to quit the installer.

Some users have been able to get around the issue by copying & pasting their digital download key into the product key field rather than hand-typing the key. However, this does not appear to work for all users.

Fixing the Issue

If you are experiencing this problem, you should update your computer’s graphics drivers.

The latest drivers from Intel can be found on the Intel web site, and you should try installing these first. However, be aware that the drivers directly from Intel will not work for all computers using the HD 520 and 530 graphics cards. So, if those drivers don’t work for you, go to your computer manufacturer’s web site and look for an updated graphics driver from them.

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