X-Plane Installer versions 4.02r2 and later include an “Update scenery” option for users with digital download product keys.

If you have a digital download product key and have been using the X-Plane 11 beta, you can update to the latest scenery recut by downloading the latest installer. Launch the installer and pick the “Update Scenery Online” option to scan your installed scenery and download updates.

Remember this option is only available to digital download users. DVD sets already contain the scenery updates.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you don’t see the option to update scenery, and you are using the new 4.02r2 installer, launch X-Plane, enter your product key, and quit. The update option should appear.
  • Scenery is updated infrequently; if you already have the latest scenery, the scan function will confirm that there is nothing new to download for your installed scenery set.
  • Updating X-Plane itself does not automatically update scenery. Scenery update may take several hours depending on the amount of scenery and your internet connection.  You can update the simulator now and update scenery later when you have time to download.
  • The sim will auto-prompt you for X-Plane updates but not scenery updates.

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