The X-Plane beta updates are for users who want to help test the newest refinements to the X-Plane software. The advantage to doing so is that these users get access to the latest enhancements to the software (flight model refinements, new features, etc.). The downside is that there is a greater risk of encountering problems with third-party models or other general bugs. 

  • Public betas are not finished builds. They have bugs! They may not work right. They may crash. Working on your airplane with a public beta may destroy your airplane.
  • Do not opt into the beta program if you want to enjoy X-Plane. Do not use the public beta and then complain that the sim crashes, is unstable, is slow, or looks ugly. Do not use the public beta unless you need to test the beta.
  • If you don’t know what a beta is or don’t know how the beta program works, your best bet is to wait, ignore the beta, and keep using your current version. Everyone gets the new patch once it is finalized and out of beta.

We recommend that most users stick to the stable version releases, as these are the ones known to “just work.”

How to Get a Public Beta

When a public beta is available, run the X-Plane installer/updater and pick “update”; then check the “Check for new Betas” check box.

The X-Plane installer's "Check for new betas" option

If you already have the beta, X-Plane will prompt you when new betas become available. If you have a released non-beta build, you will not be notified until the new patch is finalized and out of testing.

If you decide you do not want to use the beta, simply:

  • Run the installer/updater.
  • Pick “update”
  • Uncheck “get betas”
  • When prompted to keep or overwrite modified files, pick “overwrite”. (WARNING: if you have your own modifications, do not pick overwrite for your own mods. This is only an issue if you have add-ons that modify x-Plane system files.)

Please note that Steam users only have access to the final betas, called release candidates.

Where To Report Bugs

Please do not report bugs by email. Please use our bug report form to report bugs. We do not read the various X-Plane community forums; if you write up a bug on a forum and do not file a bug, we will not know about it and it will not be fixed. Please use the bug report form!

Please review these guidelines for how to file a helpful bug report. Then use the bug report form to report bugs.

Release Notes

See the Release Notes page for more information on what changed with each beta release.

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