X-Plane 10.32 is a bugfix release that addresses customer feedback for the 10.30 major release. It contains improvements and crash fixes.

Bug Fixes

Fixed in 10.32r1:

  • GNS map settings on the new GPS-units are now persistent per unit between X-Plane sessions
  • Fixed waypoint ID autocompletion not working after direct-to on new GPS
  • Added airports from the X-Plane airport scenery database to the new GPS – this allows for selection of small and grass airfields that have no instrument procedures
  • Fixed depiction of airports with soft/gravel/grass runways on the new GPS
  • Fixed avionics fan and warning systems working without electrical power
  • Fixed ATIS text-to-speech audible without electrical power
  • Fix crashes of ATC/AI system at airports near seaplane bases (notably PANC)
  • Fix crashes of ATC/AI system at airports with broken taxi networks
  • Fixed AI being unable to taxi some taildraggers or planes with swivelling nose wheel
  • Fixed AI being unable to restart engines after flameout
  • Fix crashes when spawning AI aircraft near water
  • Fixed unwanted repositioning after loading a different aircraft through a situation file
  • Fixed special situations (glider winch, tow) starting at the wrong airport after loading a situation file
  • Fixed loading glider winch from a situation file
  • Fixed unwanted repositioning when loading a new plane (runway selection is memorized now)
  • Fixed LOD settings for time demo – this fixes wrong benchmark results with nVidia hardware
  • Fixed crash with autogen buildings with more than 255 floors
  • Changes to navaids through the local map can now be permanently saved from there
  • Fixed glowing selection on Quick Flight window not working reliably
  • Improved simulation of engine start on fuel-injected recip engines. Now the typical “Lycoming” start procedure using the boost pump to prime and crank the engine with the mixture closed can be used to start an engine.
  • Added dataref sim/flightmodel2/engines/engine_fuel_in_intake float[8] to observe priming
  • Improved simulation of glider launch by a winch: The physical model of the winch now has a limited power output defined by cable speed and pulling force which is more realistic than an indefinitely strong winch
  • Added dataref sim/world/winch/winch_max_bhp float to set the maximum available winch power. Note that this is power at the cable, behind the wheel and all the transmissions and clutches, so it will be a lot lower than the raw engine power the winch is marketed with!
  • Added roll stabilization in the initial phase of the winch launch – that simulates the helpers running with your wingtips on the first few meters
  • Added an audio feedback on tow cable release (thanks to R.C. Simulations for providing the sound file)
  • Corrected groundspeed data-output to take pitch angle into account
  • Fixed data-input of brakes not working
  • Allow override of toe-brakes by plugin/data-input when no rudder pedal hardware is attached
  • Fixed replay of planes with fixed gear
  • Several improvements in ADSB-output for apps like X-Avion, Foreflight, FlyQ, WingX Pro, etc..
  • Support for the latest version of X-Avion
  • Fixed altitude datarefs of other planes not working in multiplayer mode
  • List of datarefs cleaned up a bit – more explanations added and typos fixed
  • New codesigned apps to work with Gatekeeper on OSX 10.9.5 and newer
  • Removed integral padding warnings from Log

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