X-Plane 10.35 is a minor feature release with lots of new and improved airports and small improvements addressing customer feedback from version 10.32.

Lots of new and updated global airports

Fixes for OSX Yosemite

  • Aliases in the Custom Scenery Folder work again (were broken under Yosemite).
  • App won’t crash if you set 10-bit color.  (10-bit color is not recommended and isn’t even available without non-Apple utilities, but if this was crashing, well, now it doesn’t.)
  • Removed all OS X-specific code ‘deprecated’ under Yosemite other than QuickTime for 32-bit X-plane.

Misc Fixes and Improvements

  • Map settings of GPS are now saved in prefs per plane
  • Click scroll acceleration on new GPS instruments works from 3d bezels and commands now
  • Moving map on new GPS instruments observes “only airports on map”, “only paved runways on map” and “min runway length to show on map” settings from Plane Maker now and will display seaplane ports and helipads accordingly
  • Successful loading of small airfields into the GPS database doesn’t clutter up log file anymore. Only problematic sceneries are logged.
  • Fixed popup GPS on default C172 not being tied to the correct bus for electrical power
  • Fixed Avidyne glass panel to show waypoint distances with one decimal place
  • Better logging of taxi sign errors: Any error in taxiway or runway signs will now list the offending scenery pack in the log file, for easier fixing.
  • X-Plane networking now supports IPv6
  • All flight control axes center properly when the CENTER button is hit, which they did not do before.
  • The nosewheel tiller and view-control joystick axis now center properly when the CENTER button is hit.
  • Fixed not all joystick assignment and calibration preferences being saved correctly
  • Removed dysfunctional axes from joystick screen
  • Added commands
    • sim/instruments/EFIS_page_up EFIS page UP
    • sim/instruments/EFIS_page_dn EFIS page DOWN.
    • sim/instruments/EFIS_mode_up EFIS mode UP APP->VOR->MAP->PLN
    • sim/instruments/EFIS_mode_dn EFIS mode DOWN PLN->MAP->VOR->APP
  • Airfoil Maker and Plane Maker: ABOUT box fixed to show the version number
  • Flight model now correctly models lift-fans driven by turbofan engines
  • Fixed aural fire warning (bell) not working on aircraft saved with Plane Maker version prior to 10.30
  • Fixed aircraft initialised with parking brake off under some circumstances
  • Fixed lag in networked external visuals by tightening up the tracking of aircraft attitude.
  • Fixed mechanical digital altimeter dials to wrap through zero rather than reverse direction at negative altitudes
  • Fixed pronunciation of “Wind” in ATIS audio on Windows
  • Now the trim wheels do not visually move if they are not supposed to (trim fail, end of trim range reached) in the default cockpits
  • Projector setup window labelled more clearly, and the gradient alpha is limited 0 to 1
  • Data-see as chosen from the Data Output menu improved: nicer zoom and colors  to increase useability
  • Dataref-out: datarefs for serial i-o now accept array indices
  • New FDR file format! Version 1 still works, of course, with no mods. Version 2 records more engine data

Fixed in Beta 2:

  • Fixed crash when using multiplayer.
  • Joystick axis assignment popup menus fixed.
  • Aerosoft EDDS and EDDK custom airports have been removed in favor of the new X-Plane airport gateway versions.
  • Aerosoft EDDF custom airport has been modified by Jan to be a merge of his gateway airport and Aerosoft’s custom objects.
  • Aerosoft EDDM airport has been replaced with a new layout, which will also be available on the gateway soon.
  • Instancing re-enabled for OS X Fermi and later GPUs.
  • Fixed GPS airspace warnings not working
  • Disabled IPv6 support on Windows XP and earlier, as these OS do not support dual-stack sockets
  • UDP output for “EFIS-App” is back to allow X-Mapper to gracefully transition to a supported protocol (EFIS-App output is scheduled for complete removal in the future)

Fixed in RC 1:

  • Fixed IP-Address for UDP output set by ISET message being overwritten when opening the network settings screen
  • Added GPL to X-Plane Scenery Gateway Airports

Improvements and Fixes for Airplane Authors

  • Plane Maker will now show meters instead of inches for prop chords when in metric mode, as set in the standard menu->viewpoint window
  • When defining new flaps, default preset flap cl, cd, dm, now vary with the flap DEFLECTION, as they should
  • Improved authoring for planes that have lift-fans driven by main engines
  • Added autopilot option “vvi up/down-buttons adjust setpoint pitch when in pitch mode”. With the instruments
    • autopilot/autopilot select/ott_sel_VVI
    • autopilot/autopilot select/ott_sel_VVI_HM

    Now these vvi selectors change

    • autopilot VVI command when autopilot in vvi mode
    • autopilot PITCH command when autopilot in pitch mode,
    • and do NOTHING (at all) in all other autopilot modes
  • Removed some unused autopilot variables

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