X-Plane 10.41 is a bug-fix patch to X-Plane 10.40. It fixes the following bugs:

Release candidate 3:

  • Fixed IOS selecting wrong airport over the net when the IOS and master machines have different scenery installed.
  • Fixed older aircraft stalling out with propeller locked in feathered position (4541).
  • Fixed auto-start command not working (1852).
  • Fixed incorrect versioning info in analytics code.
  • Clarified language on product key entry dialog box.
  • Fixed typo in version number on startup screen.

Release candidate 2:

  • Updated commands.txt that ships with X-Plane.
  • Fixed crash on bad waypoints in GPS
  • Plugin reloading of scenery reloads objects (3993)
  • New datarefs for: yoke visibility, doors, and enabling/disabling real weather download.

Release candidate 1:

  • Crashes in Windows 10 after a few minutes due to OpenAL.
  • Crash while flying using third party car libraries (1484, 1510).
  • Fixed artificial stability cockpit button (1851)
  • Fixed planet being misaligned after extended DSF is changed (1875)
  • Fixed black-outs during descent at low N1 (2456)
  • Fixed GPS commands changing too fast (1850)
  • Fixed broken high-low idle switch (1809).

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