X-Plane 10.45 is an intermediate release with lots of new and improved airports, as well as minor features added and small bug fixes from version 10.42.

New and updated global airports

New Features

Features for RC1:

  • More updated nav data from Robin.

Features for Beta 2:

Features for Beta 1:

  • Updated nav data from Robin
  • Vertical offset ratio available for external visuals
  • The “demo expired” popup now gives much more relevant advice. We look at what DRM sources you’ve unlocked from in the past (DVD, XDD, or USB stick) and tailor the “unlock the full version” message based on that.

Bug Fixes

Fixed for RC2:

  • Fixed changing aircraft from the IOS screen.
  • Fixed crash when dragging AI planes in IOS screen.

Fixed for RC1:

  • Save at least one snapshot for situations and replays so we have all the data for file-open (XPD-6201).
  • Slung load does not start from flight location start (XPD-6197).
  • Airport search string for normal airport window is now totally separate from the map/IOS search string (XPD-6138).
  • More robust fix for the crash-when-no-NICs-found (XPD-6196).
  • G430 CLR button cancels procedure selection (XPD-6180).
  • Can now select a new approach in G430 (XPD-6178).
  • Fixed airport map overlap in GPS (XPD-6179).
  • Do not zero throttle on beta if plugin has taken over (XPD-6174).
  • Don’t reset previously-in-inet overrides on flight reset (XPD-6173).
  • Copy-paste on windows would truncate the last selected character.
  • Restored v8 aliases of transponder commands in an attempt to make PFC plugin work.
  • Aerosoft nav data missing the IAF flags (XPD-5872).
  • Always save user edits to navaids and fixes to the Custom Data folder (XPD-6167).
  • Keep current local map type and zoom setting when the weather menu is opened (XPD-5202).
  • Junction matching was using the wrong bones, causing some non-composite junctions to be ignored.  This makes slightly better variety in the autogen road intersections in cities.

Fixed for Beta 2:

  • Overriding throttles on p0 no longer overrides ALL aircraft (XPD-6154).
  • XPCreateWidget and XPLMSpeakString work when starting “cold and dark”. Refactor of text to speech API so that plugin and misc speech is not muted when avio bus is off (XPD-6145).
  • Taxi sign errors in log.txt (XPD-6147).
  • Scissors error on scrollers and text fields in plane-maker (XPD-6155).
  • Fix for period in the wrong place in DRM error message (XPD-6124).

Fixed for Beta 1:

  • C400 and C172 use new torque fix
  • AGBs:
    • Random spelling choice caused the shortest spelling to be picked, leaving blocks mostly empty
    • Neighbor-tile clip had wrong expression, causing trees to leak out
    • much better diagnostics and debugging
  • Selecting AI planes lets user pick livery (XPD-6090)
  • Synchronized all clutches if a pre-rotate button is present on the panel (XPD-6083)
  • Transponder does not blink when transponder powered off or broken (XPD-6062)
  • Autogen trees are varied (XPD-4742)
  • If the pilot log file is never loaded due to an early exit due to an update, do not write the pilot log out on quit or we lose all pilot log entries (XPD-6141)
  • Fix GPS teardrop holding entry into left-hand (non-standard) holdings when inbound course (XPD-6142)
  • Prop torque was doubled in all propeller airplanes (not helos or vtols)
  • We now advise the user to check their net connection where appropriate (XPD-6124)
  • On first launch of the map window, we now show the current airport ID (XPD-6138)
  • Massive performance improvement with GPS map display: For anything else but the default 35nm range, the airspace warning would trash the airspace cache of the map. Now we cache up to four bounding boxes full of airspaces. That allows for two screens with different size settings, and two airspace warners.
  • Wrong heading cue from G430 (XPD-6041)
  • Airport sorting performance in GPS (XPD-6131)
  • Using a separate IOS with AI planes enabled no longer resets user’s aircraft randomly
  • Require an object to be reloaded with dynamic polygons if client requests it and the object cache has no dynamic polygons. This ensures the if the scenery engine gets to the Nimitz before the boat code does, we get our hard triangles when we need them. (XPD-4844)
  • Fixed demo timing out immediately
  • Plane-Maker finds the objects/ folder for airplanes in a case-insensitive manner
  • Manual extension pump gear and flaps were mixed up

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