X-Plane 10.51 is a bug-fix patch and Gateway airport update to X-Plane 10.50. 

New & Global Airports

Bug Fixes

Release candidate 2:

  • Terrain -1 objects were drawn after terrain due to collector (XPD-6766).
  • Anti-alias request was un-inited on first run & had junk data (XPD-6745).
  • Changed key tags on prefs to avoid having random data output pop up due to 10.50 bug.
  • In the map edit mode, present VOR alignment as a signed offset from true to match published data. Also allow other NAVAID headings to wrap through zero in either direction. (XPD-6718)
  • Removed Aerosoft EDDT Berlin-Tegel to allow Gateway version as default (XPD-6262).

Release candidate 1:

  • No longer quit when aircraft fail airfoil self test (XPD-6703).
  • PDF manual now has all pages (XPD-6669).
  • Fixed window positioning. This fixes buttons not working (XPD-6658, XPD-6623).
  • Fixed-gear planes no longer show “gear down” in map slope (XPD-6654).
  • Fixed jerky external visuals (XPD-6653).
  • Fixed internet input/output preference read-in (XPD-6650).
  • KSEA updated with 10.50 features (XPD-6530).
  • Fixed Baron CG (XPD-6627).
  • Fixed title bar offscreen on Windows (XPD-6534).
  • repressing .psd and X-15 source from install (XPD-6646).
  • Adding light needed for autogen (XPD-6529).
  • Turbulence reduction in real weather.
  • Fix for improper handling of extremely short directories (XPD-6624).
  • No error message when ramp is connected to taxi route (XPD-6644).

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