This chart shows information on graphics card compatibility from when X-plane 10 came out. Compatibility does not include performance information – some cards may function normally but only provide usable frame rates at the lowest settings.

GPUOS XWindowsLinux
Radeon 7nnn, 7nnn, 9200Below System Requirements
Radeon 9500-9800, X300, X600Below System Requirements
Radeon HD X1nnnSupported with 10.02 patchIncompatible, unsupported
Radeon HD 2000 and higherSupported
GeForce 256, 2, 3, 4Below System Requirements
GeForce FX 5nnnUnknown, possibly incompatible
GeForce 6nnn, 7nnnSupported with 10.02 patch
GeForce 8nnn, 9nnn, 1nn, 2nn, 3nnSupported
GeForce 4nn, 5nnSupported with command-line work-aroundSupported, some graphic artifacts under investigationSupported
Intel GMA 9nnBelow System Requirements
Intel GMA X3nnnIncompatable – under investigationUnknownUnsupported – no
Intel HD GraphicsSupportedSupported With 10.02 Patch

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