X-Plane 11.00 is the initial version of the newest flight simulator from Laminar Research. X-Plane 11 includes new features such as new aircraft, a new user interface, tutorials, service vehicles, European autogen, and a new lighting, sound and effects engine. It included numerous flight model updates, an entirely updated default fleet of aircraft, redone FMS & GPS units, Navdata updates, and recut global scenery. Beta testing ended on March 30, 2017.

Known Bugs

  • XPD-6849 Issue with power lines & base mesh
  • XPD-6835 Fuel truck missing glass
  • XPD-6827 Shadows or artifact on trees
  • XPD-6812 Editing the Rendering settings for Visual Effects is SLOW
  • XPD-6808 Some windows not re-skinned to match new UI
  • XPD-6618 Ability to handle more than 1 hat switch
  • XPD-7163 Crash when reporting field in sight

Release Candidate 1

Bug fixes:

  • XPD-5349 Fixed lights visible when above heavy (overcast setting & above) clouds.
  • XPD-7259 ATC taxi guidelines too faint.
  • XPD-7283 Spill lights not fogged in HDR mode.
  • XPD-7363, XPD-7508 Fix for planet showing up in near view in low vis.
  • XPD-7850 Fixed crash when selecting approach at LGML.
  • XPD-7861 New hint text without extraneous line breaks.
  • XPD-7864 Fixed mouse fly not working with two monitors and large UI.
  • XPD-7868 Drop tank CG fixed.
  • Fixed plugins changing UI units and resulting in out of range values.
  • Default C172 fixes: OAT gauge & 41″ MP at max throttle.
  • GPS fixes: we allow setting of GPS relative bearing when override_gps is on, & the magnetic bearing points to the terminator.

Public Beta 17

Bug fixes:

  • XPD-7841 Fixed bright light on cockpit ceiling at night with high visual effects settings.
  • XPD-6959 Fixed rainbow swirling patterns under wheels at highest visual effects setting.
  • XPD-7295 Fixed dark lightning bolts in storms with high visual effects settings.
  • XPD-7843 Fixed missing device name for Logitech Force 3D Pro on Windows.
  • Fixed OAT Gauge in Cessna.
  • Fixed Missing Textures and Artifacts in King-Air cockpit.

Public Beta 16

PB16 fixes a number of compatibility bugs for aircraft and third party add-ons and rendering artifacts.

Warning: PB16 changes the .sit and .rep file formats; situations and replays from earlier versions are not usable in public beta 16 and later.

PB16 also features the new X-Plane 11 text-based weapon file format. While X-Plane will continue to load binary weapons from X-Plane 10, use the new file format for all new weapons. Please do not ship binary weapons saved in X-Plane 11 betas in your add-ons.

Bug fixes for third parties:

  • XPD-7528 ATTR_shiny_rat and GLOBAL_specular with intermediate ratios (E.g. 0.5) now work correctly.We still recommend use use a ratio of 1 and control gloss with a texture.
  • XPD-7802 Fixed generic pie instrument randomly disappearing or changing colors.
  • XPD-7803 Bleed air source for pressurization defaults to “auto” for all start types on legacy planes that don’t have bleed-air controls.
  • XPD-7782 Removed raw legacy panel instrument datarefs likesim/aircraft/panel/acf_ins_size – you should not be using these.
  • XPD-7818 Added dataref access to carb temperature.
  • Fixed battery lifetime – battery was draining at 4x the correct rate.
  • Reduced the strength of auto-toe-brakes for non-castoring aircraft.
  • Carb-heat is stronger.
  • Engine ITT behavior now matches X-Plane 10.
  • Better mapping of engine idle ratios for X-Plane 10 ACF files.
  • X-Plane’s numeric version can be accessed by dataref.
  • The engine idle ratios can be read and written at runtime via DataRefEditor to tune your engines.
  • Fixed incorrect generator torque on jets.
  • Toggle-reverse-thrust command does not require the engines to be idle. If you want an idle-lock-out, add this by plugin script.
  • X-Plane does not constant reset autopilot and other datarefs to a grid per frame – only when the user is “clicking” them with commands or 2-d panel instruments.
  • New FMS will not overwrite nav1 deflection. Note that the G430/530 does do this when in “CDI” mode, which is expected.
  • Flying stabilizers fixed, even if not flying.
  • sim/FMS/init command resets new FMS just like the old one.
  • Lat-lon fixes in the FMS do not have “fix” type in XPLM Navigation API.
  • Legacy gear doors move at the correct speed. Legacy v9 gear doors are deprecated; please key-frame your animations from the gear deploy ratio.
  • GPS override correctly stops updating the new FMS.

Performance, rendering and scenery artifacts:

  • New autogen models for European medium-height buildings.
  • Cloud rendering should be faster, particularly on lower visual effects settings.
  • Fixed banding in the sky in HDR mode.
  • Fixed sun and moon and starts missing in HDR mode.
  • Fixed glow around moon at night.
  • XPD-7756 Fixed white lines in boat wake when HDR rendering is on.
  • Cockpit shadows less blocky.
  • Grunge decals for airports tuned.
  • Wind farm library objects spin again.

Changes to default Aircraft:

  • MD-82 Autothrottle and autopilot fixed.
  • Stinson L-5 airfoils fixed.
  • Fixed animation on 747 upper-deck door.
  • B-58 Cowl flaps animate.
  • Cessna 172 battery and electrical system tuned.
  • B-58 Gear Light Fixed.

Bug fixes for weapons:

  • XPD-6725 Sim no longer crashes if another user on multiplayer has a weapon file that you don’t have.
  • Rockets now work.
  • Weapons don’t disappear when looking closely at another multiplayer aircraft.
  • Weapons track correctly when using external visuals and replay.
  • Fixed crash at startup if one multiplayer aircraft is flying and the other is in the main menu.
  • Fixed bug where weapons make random explosions when another user in a multiplayer match restarts his flight.
  • Fixed massive explosion on external visual when master machine toggles replay.
  • Fixed weapons being incorrectly attached to aircraft on external visual during replay.

Bug fixes for sound:

  • XPD-7459 FMOD Sound events can be attached to plugin custom commands.
  • XPD-7808 Removed log errors when an aircraft does not use FMOD.
  • Fixed missing environmental sounds when using Cessna.

Other stuff:

  • Fixed crash when bringing up flight configuration over the ocean.
  • XPD-7599 Fixed errors in map coastlines.
  • XPD-7798 Reloading an aircraft (developer menu) when started cold and dark works as expected.
  • XPD-7357 Clicking on panel in second monitor works.
  • XPD-7822 Clicking on plugins works on second monitor.
  • XPD-7592 Using 150% UI scaling does not throw off plugins or aircraft when multi-monitor is used.
  • XPD-6801 Aircraft can carry or be carried in flight configuration UI.
  • XPD-7815 Added new joystick configuration files.
  • XPD-7784 Zooming to pressed button in joystick UI doesn’t jump to a new view unless it has to.
  • XPD-7792 Weather visibility can be edited in metric.
  • XPD-7775; XPD-6664 Fixed special starts with oil rig, aircraft carrier and frigate.
  • XPD-7816 G430 always pops out when changing planes on restart.
  • Brakes default to “on” when starting on the ramp with hardware pedals with toe brakes.
  • Push-back trucks do not appear on GA ramp starts.
  • Map doesn’t print errors to console at island locations.
  • XSG-2758 X-Plane cross-matches ET and ED regions.
  • Fixed networking with ForeFlight.


Public Beta 15

PB15 was a quick release containing bug fixes for:

  • XPD-7787 Plane-Maker crashing when opening files.
  • XPD-7790 New joystick config files.
  • XPD-7793 ACF files aren’t locked while the sim is running.
  • Cessna takeoff should be a lot better.

Public Beta 14

Key Features & Improvements

  • New clouds, with performance improvements for large monitors & HDR.
  • Tire model tuning–huge thrust no longer required to start rolling.
  • Dataref and plugin bugs fixed–plugins that don’t work need to file bugs ASAP!

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Correctly initialize arr/dep flags for default flow.
  • Fixed the generic-tape instrument having a HUGE preview.
  • XPD-6515 Quaternions auto-follow eulers when plugins run.
  • XPD-7038 We now warn you when you’re about to leave the demo area.
  • XPD-7141 We now support identifying joysticks by their VID+PID combo instead of their “name” in the OS.
  • XPD-7167 Fixes reloading SASL airplanes in debug mode like A320.
  • XPD-7258 Auto-generate .joy files from analytics data.
  • XPD-7366 Improved behavior of Resume Flight button on first launch.
  • XPD-7290 Fix for wrong “receiving from” descriptions.
  • XPD-7392 Fix for Flares that hit the ground and live on forever.
  • XPD-7394 All device “views” are now available in the right scroll bar.
  • XPD-7398 We now reset aircraft-specific prefs when the underlying .acf file is modified.
  • XPD-7426 Fix for click locations being screwed up.
  • XPD-7456 Add “Clear Filters” button to Aircraft grid.
  • XPD-7499 Trains were black.
  • XPD-7550 Cars can drive on the left side of the road at airports.
  • XPD-7565 Fixed floating runways at LHBP.
  • XPD-7661 We now allow 1024×768 for full-screen windows.
  • XPD-7673 Fixes clicking stealing plugin focus.
  • XPD-7688 Fixed hidden cursor support for plugins.
  • XPD-7717 Added Studio to the AI aircraft screens, and added the aircraft’s file path as a hover action.
  • XPD-7725 Added tip re: lights and HDR.
  • XPD-7730 Fix for popup text going offscreen due to wins.win_x and wins.win_y getting reset during GUI tight loop.
  • XPD-7750 Fix for *all* freeflight prefs accidentally being overwritten in DEV mode on Windows.
  • XPD-7752 Created a window for ground handling.
  • XPD-7755 Removed auto-selection of approaches in the map.
  • XPD-7762 Kingair C90B knobs only tune GPS.
  • XPD-7765 Improve axis labels for PFC hardware.
  • XPD-7776 Re-added checkboxes to flatten airports and disable hypoxia/redout/blackout effects.
  • XPD-7780 Support Italian in XPLM lang detection.

Public Beta 13

Key Features & Improvements

  • Starting 3rd party engines from cold & dark fixed.
  • Fixed man pressure needles disappearing due to divide by zero bug.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7426 Cursor location too far off from mouse click.
  • XPD-7521 Birds fully disabled when manual failure is off and MBTF is not in use.
  • XPD-7725 Add explanation to HDR mode hover text.
  • XPD-7730 Update notices displayed incorrectly on high res monitors.
  • XPD-7747 Restore washed out control effectiveness in reverse airflow. Apply AoA effectiveness washout to all control surface types.

Public Beta 12

Key Features & Improvements

  • Authors may need to recalibrate their idle levels for recip-props.
  • Jet engine thrust for taxi fixed.
  • Improvements to Failures UI.
  • Updated commands list and art assets.
  • Flight model improvements to manifold pressure, jet engine & electric engines.
  • New manual for FMS.
  • Corrected Gateway airport export with runway renames.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed listing holds in a temporary flight plan with more than one hold could lead to an uncaught exception.
  • Additional translation fixes.
  • Added a Plane Maker setting whether we want to slave the HSI or not 2. Correctly apply this setting regardless what the status at load time (leftover from the previous plane) is.
  • Fixed locale-dependent display of AIRAC validity on the FMS.
  • XPD-6106 Added a new generic “ID” search type.
  • XPD-7036 We now restore your last search text in the button assignment editor, whenever possible. Includes joystick configuration screen improvements.
  • XPD-7524 Fix for monitor configuration scene getting screwed up when you were full-screen on a second monitor positioned left of your main monitor.
  • XPD-7616 Fix for real weather being downloaded and re-applied off-schedule without user input.
  • XPD-7623 Added detent markers to discrete sliders.
  • XPD-7624 Hitting enter, escape, or the Done button in the other aircraft window when you’re editing an individual plane now just takes you back to the list view.
  • XPD-7651 We now properly restore your window position on macOS when it intersects the edge of your monitor.
  • XPD-7655 Morse and OM/MM/IM now play sounds in the Cessna.
  • XPD-7663 Fix for inadvertently manipulating your prefs in debug mode.
  • XPD-7665 Fix for some hat switches not getting their last index set in the .joy file.
  • XPD-6667 Removing hyphens from “Plane-Maker” and “Airfoil-Maker”.
  • XPD-7680 Restore G430/G530 windows.
  • XPD-7681 Added commands to pop out the G430, G530, G1000, and new FMS.
  • XPD-7684 Fix for inadvertent double-update of aircraft manager in the same frame.
  • XPD-7685 Don’t show data output and other UI elements on secondary screens.
  • XPD-7687 Fix x-plane asking for XDD over and over.
  • XPD-7689 Restoring uninitialized arc colors.
  • XPD-7692; XPD-7708 Fix for weather presets accidentally setting pressure in *pascals* rather than hectopascals (millibars).
  • XPD-7696 Carenado planes can disable GPS.
  • XPD-7697 Failed NAVAIDs now remain in the map.
  • XPD-7698 The Fix All Systems button now fixes NAVAIDs as well as aircraft systems.
  • XPD-7712 The airport details map no longer requires that the airport’s *icon* fit in the map bounds to be included in the cache.
  • XPD-7713 We now properly support text-entry in the weight & balance fields in metric units.
  • XPD-7714 Add dataref for runway patchiness.
  • XPD-7721 Fix for incorrect log alert that we were “failing” NAVAIDs.
  • XPD-7723 Updated configuration files for Saitek X52 Pro.

Public Beta 11

PB11 is an emergency release containing a bug fix for the truncated Linux executable.

Public Beta 10

Linux users: Beta 10 won’t run on Linux after updating, but a temporary fix and instructions are available here.

Key Features & Improvements

  • Both new FMS and GPS restore their status correctly now to and from a .sit file.
  • 2d FMS & GPS for legacy planes.
  • NORMAL_METALNESS available to scenery authors.
  • More flight model and AI ground truck improvements.
  • Added Japanese translation.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7563 Added support for configuring runway wetness and patchiness in the UI.
  • XPD-7564 Clutter in gps flightplan.
  • XPD-7566 Make scanning aircraft folder asynchronous.
  • XPD-7571 Fuel tank dots missing in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-7585 Fix for disclosures disappearing when you close them from a “filter” mode.
  • XPD-7588 Cessna 172 indicating negative airspeed on the Airspeed indicator.
  • XPD-7597 We now allow you to hide the replay UI.
  • XPD-7598 Removed the ability to tab into the location search box while the “flight in progress” dialog is up.
  • XPD-7601 Fix for hat switches that send more than 8 directions.
  • XPD-7605, XPD-7562 CTD when entering STAR transition.
  • XPD-7614 Added master volume slider to sound settings.
  • XPD-7622 Removed problematic (and redundant) jump-to-end and jump-to-beginning replay buttons.
  • XPD-7660; XPD-7625 Allow display of real weather in alternate units.
  • XPD-7627 We now allow text entry of weights in the weight & balance screen.
  • XPD-7630 We now support searching by command identifier.
  • XPD-7631 Updated Saitek throttle quadrant file.
  • XPD-7635 Added a command to reload current scenery.
  • XPD-7636 Disabled live edit for visual offsets fields.
  • XPD-7642 Renamed “Edit Flight” button to “Flight Configuration” to attempt to combat user confusion.

Public Beta 9

Key Features & Improvements

  • XPD-7569 Crash when using USB devices with no axes to configure.
  • XPD-7581 Fix for infinite loop in joystick calibration prompt when using an unconfigured device with no axes.
  • Performance improvements on Windows with AMD hardware.
  • Includes latest ILS and AIRNAV4 data.
  • Added user submitted joystick configuration files for Logitech Attack 3 and Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7111, XPD-7116, XPD-7544 Fix for joystick crash on Windows: we shouldn’t have the illustration widget in the widget hierarchy at all when there’s no illustration.
  • XPD-7409 We can finally give reliable nav types and nav refs to the plugin API.
  • XPD-7455 Fixed map sealanes.
  • XPD-7502 Scrolled elements now get their min dimensions calculated excluding the scroll bar’s width.
  • XPD-7517 Map inspector can be closed by clicking directly above it.
  • XPD-7523 We now respect your choice of aircraft for the B-52 drop, block special starts your aircraft doesn’t support.
  • XPD-7531 Upped the contrast ratio on the menu (right side) icons to improve usability.
  • XPD-7540 Fix for text layout issues in the IOS’s right sidebar.
  • XPD-7543 Using a popup window would leave a dangling parent pointer.
  • XPD-7549 Support for translating hint messages, but not in the output scanners yet.
  • XPD-7553 Default C172 fuel gauge indicating when BAT OFF.
  • XPD-7557 Fix for the IOS shutdown and quit commands requiring confirmation on network machines.
  • XPD-7558 We now properly hide the checkbox for “notify me about new updates” when you aren’t a pro user.
  • XPD-7567 Hide the joystick coach arrow when appropriate.
  • XPD-7568 Fix for helicopter tutorial: automatically set throttle/collective to zero.
  • XPD-7570 Fixed command sounds not playing.
  • XPD-7575 Fix for aircraft inspector’s heading dial.
  • XPD-7576 Map “climb angle” re-labeled to “pitch.”
  • XPD-7580 Improvements to which joystick the UI shows first.
  • XPD-7582 Tweaks to joystick prompt text.
  • XPD-7583 Fixes blue screen when starting a flight via a special path.
  • XPD-7586 Loading screens show “About” and “Hint” text at proper times.

Public Beta 8

PB8 is an emergency release containing a bug fix for a crash when using AI aircraft due to the scenery export.

Public Beta 7

Key Features & Improvements

  • Updated Gateway airport export.
  • XPD-7486 Null texture crash with 2nd monitor set to 2D panel or IOS.
  • XPD-7494 Fixed locked view with pop out windows.
  • Various flight model bug fixes.
  • Improvements to multimonitors.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Datarefs and commands updated.
  • Fixes for a few joystick config files.
  • X-Plane no longer writes to pop out window prefs until after you’ve loaded the sim.
  • Weather screen direction pickers now consistently choose the “from” direction, in line with aviation convention.
  • We now enforce that CIFP data and earth_* data are loaded from the same cycle, and give an obvious error message otherwise.
  • XPD-7026 Improve handling of unknown joysticks.
  • XPD-7101 Added support for “relaxed calibration” rules.
  • XPD-7137 Fix for loading a new METAR not triggering a rescan.
  • XPD-7194 Changing engine state pref affects the 747 now.
  • XPD-7351 Fix for Z conflicts between map and Flight Configuration windows.
  • XPD-7404 We now offer a window with option to start new flight on hard crash.
  • XPD-7405 Fixed typo in error message.
  • XPD-7457 GMT offset now takes effect immediately.
  • XPD-7469, XPD-7470 Fix for multiple map instances not closing & possible related crash.
  • XPD-7476 Fix for monitor label not being visible in monitor scene widget.
  • XPD-7477 New Zealand recycles VOR-circling identifiers for the corresponding RNAV overlays.
  • XPD-7484 Fixed errors about mismatched whitespace in translation.
  • XPD-7487 We now return your search results if you match either a normal data output item or a detailed output item.
  • XPD-7492 Cirrus jet autopilot knob reversal.
  • XPD-7493 Disallowed binding commands to the Tab key since it’s used for setting keyboard focus.
  • XPD-7497 More map improvements.
  • XPD-7498 Mouse look prevented by dataref writing.
  • XPD-7500 Weather presets select sane visibility mode.
  • XPD-7501 When restoring popped-out windows as sim start, we now correctly handle the case where a monitor disappears or gets resized.
  • XPD-7503 Park & foot brakes have no hydraulic pressure cold & dark.
  • XPD-7504 AI Panes don’t work on runways less than 640 m.
  • XPD-7511 Propwash tuning.
  • XPD-7518 Aircraft not properly re-initialized when hitting Apply Changes from a paused sim.
  • XPD-7519 C172 fuel shutoff lever snaps back in.
  • XSG-2290 Fix for missing SIDs/STARs.

Public Beta 6

Key Features & Improvements

  • XPD-7464 Fixed FPS issues due to smoke lasting forever.
  • Plugin API fixes:
    • Plugin keyboard focus – keyboard interactions should work between plugins and X-Plane.
    • XPD-6440 Rare memory scribble.
    • XPD-7080 Persisted plugin commands lose descriptions.
    • XPD-7240 Plugin menus missing ticks & dots.
  • XPD-7410, XPD-7436 Fixed interior lighting flashing when reflection settings not at min.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Tuned fog to be less foggy in good vis, more foggy in bad vis.
  • More flight model tuning.
  • Initial loading screen now displays version info.
  • New user-submitted flight config files.
  • XPD-6568 Added Portuguese and Spanish translations, updated French and German.
  • XPD-6731 We now sync the menu text for a window no matter how it’s closed.
  • XPD-6952 Popping out G530 to second monitor breaks sim text.
  • XPD-7029 Authenticating after demo mode gives joystick controls back.
  • XPD-7080 We now persist plugin-created command descriptions in the joystick and keyboard prefs files.
  • XPD-7130 Fix for real weather not being properly updated.
  • XPD-7174, XPD-7282 Fixed sound with multiple monitors.
  • XPD-7255 Bug fixes for multi-monitors.
  • XPD-7353 Fix for inability to drag AI aircraft on the map.
  • XPD-7397 Fix for not being able to click on the text of radio buttons.
  • XPD-7403 Turns off networked IOS in favor of only IOS on second monitor.
  • XPD-7404 Removed the pref for reset-on-crash and replaced it with an unobtrusive popup to suggest you go to the flight config screen.
  • XPD-7425 Fixes green buttons in IOS.
  • XPD-7428 Fix for aircraft prefs getting trashed by an AI aircraft.
  • XPD-7429 New CDU Display Remains “ON” When Battery Turned OFF.
  • XPD-7431 Fix for discarding your “start engines running” pref.
  • XPD-7437 Crash on startup due to missing navaid entry (Navigraph).
  • XPD-7440 Fix for crash looking up airport IDs due to inconsistencies in their case.
  • XPD-7444 Fix for “detail” output enums getting added multiple times when using the filtering.
  • XPD-7445 Fixed scrolling in Data Output screen.
  • XPD-7450 Prop feathering on ground causes airplane crash.
  • XPD-7453 Fix for storing translated versions of Ctrl and Shift in your prefs, causing prefs to get trashed if you change languages.

Public Beta 5

PB5 is an emergency release containing a bug fix for pixel shader issues on Nvidia hardware.

Public Beta 4

Public beta 4 was DOA on most Nvidia hardware and was pulled from servers shortly after release.

Key Features & Improvements

  • New flight model changes, including jet engine & propeller modeling changes.
  • XPD-7274 Invalidate cache of GL scissors after plugins run.
  • XPD-7180 Crash from Ground Traffic plugin.
  • Added auto-report of missing runways to the gateway.
  • GPS & FMS improvements.
  • More joystick settings improvements.
  • Visual improvements and bug fixes for the map.
  • Added real time zone support.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7273, XPD-7414, XPD-7384, XPD-7383, XPD-7378, XPD-7308, XPD-7305 New datarefs & art.
  • XPD-5846 Fix for counterintuitive display of throttle axis.
  • XPD-6568 Partial translations included.
  • XPD-6876 Added the ability for .joy files to specify axes, buttons, or hat switches as “hidden” in the Assignments section.
  • XPD-6887 Keyboard preset “styles.”
  • XPD-6889 Added the ability to inform the user about updates using non-interruptive, Growl-style overlay alerts.
  • XPD-6907 We now enforce a min weight for the slung load object, and offer a “remove” button instead of zero weight.
  • XPD-6945 PLN & AFL now have a proper V11-style loading screen.
  • XPD-7004 Fix for dev asserts and misaligned text when using Russian.
  • XPD-7031 Fix for displaying other nearby airports in the “advanced location” screen’s map view.
  • XPD-7056 Fix for two-way binding changes to the wxer_def_t not triggering the Apply Changes button.
  • XPD-7103 Fx for switching monitor resolutions on macOS causing the window to get mispositioned by the OS.
  • XPD-7133 Fix for glider tow and winch starts not respecting your chosen airport and runway.
  • XPD-7140 Fix for manipulator (“coach”) arrow not being pixel multiplier aware.
  • XPD-7150 Changed how data output is ordered on screen.
  • XPD-7156 Fix menus not working when map is behind them.
  • XPD-7177 Tightened up spacing in wind layer properties to prevent overlap at min res.
  • XPD-7223 Fix for failing to restore runway prefs correctly for “backward” runways.
  • XPD-7248 Integrated replay into GUI to get proper window layering and pixel multiplier scaling.
  • XPD-7264 We now reset your plane to the last start location if you a) change the start running pref, and b) haven’t moved more than 1 m.
  • XPD-7278 Gave altitude slider in aircraft inspector a logarithmic scale.
  • XPD-7287 We now revert multiplayer aircraft we haven’t heard from in awhile to ATC control.
  • XPD-7291 Fix for how we handle duplicate filenames.
  • XPD-7292 Added ability for .joy files to specify a “display name” for the device.
  • XPD-7293 Searching now properly matches top-level categories and brings in their descendants.
  • XPD-7298 Fix for inconsistent behavior between using command to close a window and using the floating windows’ red button.
  • XPD-7300 We now allow checkbox to wrap at your discretion.
  • XPD-7306 Show time/distance only when cruise has been entered and calculated.
  • XPD-7310 Improved handling of text editing shortcut keys.
  • XPD-7313 Use the machine’s year for AIRAC cycle comparison.
  • XPD-7314 Fix for flip-flopping of high versus low airways.
  • XPD-7319 Overly zealous runway check collided with circling approach – circling approaches have no runway!
  • XPD-7321 We can cope with terminating missed approaches in TF-flyovers.
  • XPD-7322 Fix for filtering by favorites not being immediately updated.
  • XPD-7324 Clicking on Send Network data output crash X-Plane.
  • XPD-7327 Fix for popping up IOS causing a massive power drain on the aircraft.
  • XPD-7328 Hit w key and the cockpit view is restored to default as expected.
  • XPD-7335 Fix for faulty dev_assert() in searchable table contents.
  • XPD-7336, XPD-7362 Displaying axis position if you check the “reverse axis” box.
  • XPD-7343 Fix for inability to create a new logbook.
  • XPD-7349 Added a Save Flight screen to the IOS.
  • XPD-7350 Changed failures sub-screen button text to “confirm” rather than “apply” to make it clear this is a two-step process.
  • XPD-7365 Control for time of day when regenerating icons.
  • XPD-7369 Slung loads now use size based on OBJs.
  • XPD-7377 Updated CH yoke configuration.
  • XPD-7381 We now prompt users with a very large null zone to recalibrate in Settings > Joystick.
  • XPD-7385 Tuned runway selector so AI traffic use airports.
  • XPD-7390 ‘Reset this section to vertical’ does not work in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-7420 Weather not accepting negative temperatures.
  • Fixed ATC window cursor insertion point.
  • Fixed crash when picking unused from unused monitor.
  • Fix for menu not getting translated.
  • Data outputs in the UI order, not the enum order.
  • Fix export of new user waypoints overwriting old export.
  • Vertical direct-to function made more useful.
  • Catch missing fields in earth_nav.dat.
  • Fix for IOS reset-all to match behavior in Flight Configuration.
  • Fix for not allowing COM port selection when using the “Serial port hardware (CAT II or above)” checkbox.
  • If we have no service trucks  when asking for them then we SAY that we have no service trucks.
  • New user submitted joystick configuration files.

Public Beta 3

Key Features & Improvements

  • XPD-7219 3rd party plugin brakes fixed.
  • Networking, crash, and joystick fixes.
  • New electrical system model changes.
  • XPLMNavigation API should work for third party plugins.
  • XPD-7070 Provide plugin per frame callouts even when paused.
  • Changes to .sit and .rep file types to make them stable across updates.
  • Pilot defined waypoints saved by the FMC now go into the user_fix.dat.
  • FMS will now correctly use GPS alt or barometric altitude for approach VNAV as per approach setting. Default is GPS altitude as for LPV approaches.
  • FMS fixes when using VNAV.
  • Backward compatibility in ARINC 424 interpreter.
  • Free global resources at program end to avoid memory leak false positives.
  • Fixed crash when loading DSFs while flying really, really fast.
  • Updated tire model.
  • A fix for weapons that have OBJs but not custom particle effects.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7289 IP address of receiving network data was wrong.
  • XPD-7288 IPs are sorted in order and fixes missing IP address list.
  • XPD-7203 Crash with Open Air file.
  • XPD-7078 Fix for non-fogged interior objects.
  • XPD-7091 Failures now get applied only for the aircraft you set them on.
  • XPD-6851 Fix sky color through alpha texture in HDR mode.
  • XPD-6958 Changing plane altitude or speed in map changes heading as well.
  • XPD-7281 We now explicitly support approach targets that are not in our “nearby approaches” list.
  • XPD-7217 We can now separate the enum and order of the API.
  • XPD-6863 Take windows down to windowed mode before destroying them.
  • XPD-7060 Fix dev assert reloading 737.
  • XPD-7249 Fix for crash when you add a monitor while looking at Settings > Graphics.
  • XPD-7273 Updates to KSEA demo area.
  • XPD-7271 Removes G1000 C172 from installs.
  • XPD-7252 Update to LOWI demo area.
  • XPD-7064 Added ability to bind hat switches to any command, not just our suggested ones.
  • XPD-7061 Fix for setting aircraft heading via the inspector being wonky due to live editing the text field.
  • XPD-7268 Remove separate selection style from map.
  • XPD-7009 We now hide localizers in the map view that might interfere with seeing your “target” ILS.
  • XPD-7159 We can now select an approach at any time, and we no longer show downwind ILSes if applicable.
  • XPD-7245 Fixes dragging the plane icon on map when not paused.
  • XPD-7246 Tow plane does not tow us on the runway.
  • XPD-7256 Landing light switch dataref is a float.
  • XPD-7254 Fix for ATC window crashing when in “AI Flies Your Plane” mode.
  • XPD-7251 fix for crash in r-tree when the r-tree is empty.
  • XPD-7227 Fixed autobrakes.
  • XPD-7110 Stopped hover help tips from getting repositioned.
  • XPD-7221 Determine if an aircraft supports 2-D panel mode.
  • XPD-7236 Search in the command mappings table now includes children of matched folder.
  • XPD-7154 Fix for windowed -> fullscreen -> windowed transition increasing the window size and moving it.
  • XPD-7232 Fix for failures trashing your currently-loaded aircraft’s livery.
  • XPD-7210 Fix for crash when loading a bad .sit file in quickflight mode.
  • XPD-7211 Fix for crash caused by trying to load airport from prefs that no longer exists in your installation.
  • XPD-7212, XPD-7228 GPS has a problem with “degenerate” STARs that only consist of transition segments and no trunk route.
  • XPD-7233 Crash when changing location with IOS.
  • XPD-7032 Fix for “manual” network connections defaulting to port 0.
  • XPD-7186  Center map on PPOS if empty flight plan is viewed in PLN mode.
  • XPD-7193 Fix for missing NDB or VOR in flight plan.
  • XPD-7018 Restored ability for “optional” dialogs to be auto-dismissed on external visuals & machines under IOS control.
  • XPD-7083 We only display the “Save Configuration as Default” button if you do not have an image mapping for this joystick.
  • XPD-7044 Fix for incorrectly identifying monitor resolution when using mixed DPI displays.
  • XPD-7088 We now read your language prefs before falling back to prompting you to pick a language.
  • XPD-7184 AI can fly your aircraft again.
  • XPD-7220 Additional sounds added to C172 cockpit.
  • XPD-7250 Push-back working for AI aircraft.
  • XPD-7160 Stop labeling both ends of helipads in the map.

Public Beta 2

See this developer article for additional notes on some key fixes.

Key Features & Improvements

  • Fixes to joystick configurations, naming and handling during set up.
  • Restored support for gear doors in Plane Maker.
  • Fixed sparkling VOR gauges in C172.
  • Fixed GPS/FMS crashing at end of route.
  • Windows UTF16 fix for loading and saving FMS files into GNS430 and G1000. This could fail when X-Plane was installed in a user path with non-ASCII characters.
  • New tire model to reduce tire squealing.
  • Fixed plugins searching for NAVAIDs–SDK returns XPLM_NAV_Refs for NAVAIDs.
  • Custom engine sounds in aircraft folders work again.
  • Linux no longer requires the libc++ runtime to be installed for the apps to run.
  • XPD-6949, XPD-7058, XPD-7114 Updated aircraft fixes reflections, dataref typos, and wipers.
  • XPD-6905 Fixed panel blending in legacy planes & deprecated lit panels (panel 8).
  • XPD-6847 Fixed bogus colors in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-7051 Modern driver ban now in effect.
  • XPD-7050 Refactoring how we handle GLSL extensions for texture arrays.
  • XPD-7079 Plugin created commands now go in correct “folders”.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sound log warning when parsing sound files.
  • Now we have auto-board, auto-start, and quick-start commands.
  • XPD-6962 Fix for OS-native file dialogs being inaccessible when in full-screen mode on Windows.
  • XPD-6930 Fix for handling of arbitrary full-screen sizes.
  • XPD-7002 We now respect the user’s preference for both temp and pressure units.
  • XPD-6956 Plane Maker and Airfoil Maker now match the V10 behavior of reading the language pref from the *X-Plane* prefs file.
  • Fix information on ND refactored to support displaying multiple generated abeam fixes.
  • XPD-7019 The units are called “United States Customary”, not “imperial.”
  • XPD-7025 Fix for broken pedals configuration.
  • Tweak in the seaplane model.
  • Networking configuration screen tells user if internet is disabled.
  • XPD-7034 Added support for 120 and 144 Hz refresh rates.
  • XPD-7046 Sim crashes with selecting RNAV approach at 0S9.
  • XPD-7047 Using X-Plane 10 nav data now gives error message and not a crash.
  • XPD-7052 X-Plane crashes when using a custom command key to popup/hide the G430.
  • XPD-7067 Remove “other” tab tutorials that crash the sim.
  • XPD-7066 Reseting joystick now *actually* sets the low/high data back to the default.
  • Added user provided .joy file for Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner.
  • XPD-7059 Updated CH Flight Sim yoke assignments.
  • XPD-7090 Bumped up axes per device to 25 to cope with PFC USB devices.
  • XPD-7112 Missing runway in scenery should give clear error and not crash.
  • Improvements to ground truck behavior.
  • XPD-7126 We no longer enable FMOD Live Update by default. It’s now a command line option for developer.
  • XPD-7095 We now a) default to north-up mode in the map, and b) remember your preference for north-up.
  • XPD-7116 Fix for not changing your view index when you changed devices.
  • XPD-7123 Fix for returning to weather UI not maintaining your real weather display.
  • New mouse cursors to help in the case where the rotator is counter-wound from expectations.
  • Joystick prefs now saved separately.
  • XPD-7152 Avoids crash when starting a new flight in replay mode.
  • XPD-7098 Fixes typo in settings.
  • Keeping the engines a little hotter…the oil was cooling a bit too much before.
  • XPD-6700 Additional half-stop brighter rendering in cockpit.
  • Bug XPD-7150 Data output should start in the upper left.
  • XPD-7144 Low idle has high N1 compared to v10.
  • XPD-6874 Service trucks can join route mid-segment.
  • XPD-6935 Removes S-76 default Master Caution.
  • XPD-6508, XPD-6700 Adding esys bus 5 & 6 to panel and nav 3-10 to nav deflections.
  • Map updates to airway thickness, NAVAID labels and colors.
  • XPD-7162 Fix for inability to file popup clearance.
  • XPD-6968 Winch line disconnects immediately due to astronomical tension.
  • XPD-7117 Fix for issues with CH Eclipse yoke.
  • XPD-7165 Fix for tutorials paying attention to your “start running” pref.
  • XPD-7160 We no longer label both ends of helipads in the map.
  • XPD-7147 Fix for texture compression pref getting discarded.
  • XPD-7021 The nav inspector now tunes your ADF radios when you’ve selected an NDB, not your NAV radios.


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