X-Plane 11.02 is an incremental update with performance optimization fixes to water, cars and core scheduling as well as bug fixes. This version also includes better sound support for FMOD and a new G530 manual.

Release Candidate 2

Bug fixes:

  • XPD-7163 Fix crash when reporting an un-towered field in sight.
  • XPD-8051 Fixed settings.txt double line.
  • XPD-8066 Fixed real weather download.
  • XPD-8094 Filter out source files.
  • XPD-8107 Restoring functioning of panel scroll data refs.
  • XPD-8108 Shadow rendering decreases FPS in external cameras.
  • XPD-8118 Fixed handling of Dataref Output in X-Plane 11 format.

Release Candidate 1

Bug fixes:

  • Improved performance when using orthoscenery.
  • XSG-3171 Fixed loading the FAACIFP file as global override ‘earth_424.dat’
  • XPD-5599 We no longer choose seaplanes as randomized AI plane.
  • XPD-7894 Added Spanish translation of hint messages and missions.
  • XPD-7906 Replay now shows itself as paused when you hit the endpoints.
  • XPD-8013 Fix for crash in joystick config due to overzealous rel_assert().
  • XPD-8058 Updated Saitek X52 visual mapping.
  • XPD-8076 Windows users with mouse trails enabled now get the trial automatically *disabled* for the life of their full-screen windows.
  • XPD-8081 Using the glance left/right and rotate left/right commands now return you your default view afterwards.
  • XPD-8085 Fix for inability to enter text in the (logarithmic) altitude sliders for clouds & wind.
  • XPD-8088 Localizer in-op at KLGA.
  • XPD-8091 Default GNS430/530 saves VOR waypoints as type “11” in .fms files.

Beta 1

Bug fixes

  • Fix for a crash when opening Flight Configuration while AI flies your aircraft.
  • Fixed Nvidia threaded optimization overriding user preference.
  • Accept empty airspace names instead of crashing.
  • Log unknown lines of airspace files to make debugging airspaces easier.
  • XPD-7878 New AIM-7 for the F-4.
  • XPD-7908 Removing 2k limit on projector screen.
  • XPD-7973 Duplicate reflection with maximum reflection ren setting.
  • XPD-7983 Crash when using map on three monitors.
  • XPD-7988 2-D panels no longer draw on offset extra monitors.
  • XPD-7992 Fix for not providing all assignment options on buttons-grouped-as-hat-switches.
  • XPD-7996 Stop dropping plugin-controlled AI aircraft.
  • XPD-7999 Fix location provider self test.
  • XPD-8001 Increase dims on joystick datarefs.
  • XPD-8002, XPD-7947 Clamp dot products in shader to prevent NaNs and ugly black artifacts.
  • XPD-8005 XPLMSetDestinationFMSEntry(REFID) broken.
  • XPD-8010 Restore self-test command line options.
  • XPD-8023 Beacon light comes on even when the battery switch is off.
  • XPD-8032 Adds MTBF failure enable for plugins.
  • XPD-8036 We no longer take the aircraft’s word for it that weapons exist.
  • XPD-8040 Crash when “XCARR” is entered as location.
  • XSG-2872 XP11 Default GPS & FMS only list Land Airports.

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