X-Plane 11.11 is a bug-fix patch and minor update to X-Plane 11.10. This update fixes frequent crashing on AMD GPUs by suppressing shadercache files.

Release Candidate 2

  • Restored 25 knots minimum stall speed to AP.
  • XPD-8725 Crash while entering information in the X-Plane 1000 navigation system.
  • XPD-8727 Flight Loop Failure Upon Return At End of Function.

Release Candidate 1

  • Set engine running with engine speed, not prop speed, fixes recip helicopters.
  • Numerous G1000 fixes and general GPS functionality improvements.
  • Fix for sending callbacks into the SDK when the user clicks a menu separator (Gizmo crash).
  • XPD-8704 G1000 NAV frequency autofill to active is not automatic when ILS is loaded.
  • XPD-8707 G1000 ALTS annunciations are incorrect.
  • XPD-8708 G1000 AP disconnect annunciation incorrect, does not flash.
  • XPD-8710 Fixed networking with third party apps such as Flight Plan Go.
  • XPD-8711 Fix AMD shader crash.

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