11.20 is a major update to X-Plane 11 that includes native virtual reality (VR). Instructions on how to get started with the VR beta are available here.

New features and improvements

  • Native VR now supported.
  • Higher performance graphics code enabled for AMD drivers.
  • Updated aircraft for VR, including a brand new Aerolite 103.
  • New landmarks for Sydney, Australia.
  • Customizable jetways kit & terminal kit updates for use with WED.
  • Many GPS & FMS fixes & improvements.
  • In-app purchasing option for new demo users.
  • Updated German translations.
  • New alert messaging system.
  • Fixes for dead-reckoning improve formation flying.
  • Enhancements and new options for .joy configuration files.
  • Improved night lighting textures in far views.
  • Columbia 400 aircraft with new G1000 (3D work by Captain_Noob 75)

New and updated global airports

Known bugs

  • WMR thumbstick press/click causes X-Plane to freeze.
  • XPD-8074 Cloud shadows are twitchy.
  • XPD-8281 Stars in VR are HUGE.
  • XPD-8448 Rain drops follow headset in VR.
  • XPD-8688 Tower and Runway Views in VR are shaky.
  • XPD-8904 Flight Training does not work in VR mode.
  • XPD-8911 Free camera command not working correctly in VR.
  • XPD-8941 VR mouse cursor sometimes “sinks” into surfaces.
  • XPD-8952 Yoke should reset to neutral when released.
  • XPD-8993 Audio doesn’t switch to VR headset.
  • XPD-9002 xPad visible through plane.
  • XPD-9131 VR controller reflections in the windows.
  • XPD-9147 View Point is skews/tilted as you rotate.

Bug fixes

Release Candidate 4

  • XPD-9167, XPD-9168, XPD-9169 Fixes for B747: AP Altitude can go above 9999 feet and knots/mach swapping works correctly.

Release Candidate 3

  • Updated plugin SDK.
  • XPD-9164 Fixed XChecklist crash.

Release Candidate 2

This update includes various crash fixes.

  • Fixed plugin widgets being clipped improperly under some circumstances.
  • XPD-9128 Fixed 747 heading display bug.
  • XPD-9130 Fixed F-4 landing gear.
  • XPD-9136 Disabled some transitions that blocked ability to dismiss onscreen messages.
  • XPD-9142 Updated plugin SDK to fix mouse coordinates in plugins.

Release Candidate 1

This update includes the final VR controller menu with options to access windows such as ATC, the map, etc.

  • XPD-8854 Added a new VR radial menu submenu for windows and added several new windows to VR support.
  • XPD-8865 Fixed weapons not firing & AI combat not working.
  • XPD-8901 Baron landing gear handle position mismatch when starting in air
  • XPD-9119 Changing start with engines running doesn’t affect Aerolite.

Beta 5

  • Fix blue rendering errors on orthophotos.
  • Fix overly aggressive carb ice.
  • Fix bad default material and dev assert in draped-only object with spurious ATTR_poly_os.
  • Map shows best ID we can find from a set of meta-data.
  • Fixed Xpad flying at the user if picked up with mouse.
  • XPD-8844, XPD-9101 We now properly call on_p0_loaded synthetically when the VR system is initialized after a plane has already been loaded.
  • XPD-8824, XPD-8924 Fixes views for shift-4 and shift-8.
  • XPD-8909 No G1000 in replay if it’s loaded after another flight.
  • XPD-8989 Flap Deflection Time DataRefs added.
  • XPD-9027 Master volume Dataref added.
  • XPD-9028, XPD-9117 Fixed various broken OBJ attributes and material bugs.
  • XPD-9075 Outside view in VR gives wrong pilots-head position.
  • XPD-9106 Fix for pnl_table not asking for VR keyboard support.
  • XPD-9107 Crash when using panel manipulators by hand and not with the VR laser.
  • XPD-9116 New APIs are:
    • XPLMSetWindowVrSize()
    • XPLMGetWindowVrSize()
  • XPD-9120 VR keyboard off center when picking failures from controller menu.

Beta 4

Beta 4 was focused on VR plugin SDK fixes.

  • Fixes for VR manipulators slipping.
  • Updated ILS data.
  • XPD-8732 Fixed VR keyboard hide button.
  • XPD-8781 Fix for low fps on Linux.
  • XPD-9008 Fixes for Baron EGT.
  • XPD-9043 C172 – “Volts” warning not lighting up when bat is discharging.
  • XPD-9046, XPD-9052 XP11 style Windows Positioned into VR are missing window decorations.
  • XPD-9048 Cursor callbacks and custom cursors work in VR.
  • XPD-9049 Fix for self-decorated resizable SDK windows wrongly getting a close button.
  • XPD-9051 Setting an XPLMWindow to invisible in VR causes crash.
  • XPD-9058 Fixed stutters/weapon changes with F-4.
  • XPD-9061 Fixed broken annunciators/OBJ lit level.
  • XPD-9071 Mouse coordinates for click handlers in plugin VR window are off, especially after resizing.
  • XPD-9073 C172 autopilot texture digits scrambled.
  • XPD-9074 Fixed out of sync UBO due to false material sharing in Kingair.
  • XPD-9076 Fixed ATTR_diffuse_rgb not working.
  • XPD-9081 VRconfig.txt warnings with Zibo 737 need only 1 confirmation.
  • XPD-9089 Better VR keyboard positioning in non-holodeck.
  • XPD-9092 Baron 58 red gear in transit light not working.
  • XPD-9100 Fixed atc window going crazy when attached to mouse.
  • XPD-9102 Invisible plugin window blocks some VR controller functions.
  • XPD-9103 Fix for invisible windows getting tchotchkes created for them.

Beta 3

  • Updated Gateway airports based on navdata cycle 1803.
  • Fixes plugin drawing with VR and no HDR.
  • XPD-8855 Fix for controller reload blowing up NV driver.
  • XPD-8887 Restored fuel flow override to working.
  • XPD-9012 Fixed MFD brightness being set by random data.
  • XPD-9020 Growl notifications are now centered in your view.
  • XPD-9034 XPLMSetFMSEntryLatLon crash.
  • XPD-9039 Fixed shadows being cast by 100% translucent OBJs.
  • XPD-9044 Fix for failure to clean up tchotchke before deleting its window.
  • XPD-9045 Removed resize handlers from tchotchkes for plugin-created VR windows that didn’t want them.
  • XPD-9056 Data missing in the updated default apt.dat.
  • XPD-9060 Fixed non-yoke 2d manips latching when they should not.

Beta 2

  • Fixes for panel manipulators for default aircraft and for plugins.
  • XPD-9024 Direct-Direct function is missing.
  • XPD-9025 DTK DIS data fields are missing on the second nav page.
  • XPD-9029, XPD-9032 Put back missing art asset.
  • XPD-9033 The FMS should also honor the override_gps setting.
  • XPD-9035 Fix artifacts on panel in Aerobask Panthera and other planes.

Beta 1

Beta 1 is the first release with new improvements and fixes that aren’t VR-related.

  • Ensured dynamic “software” network adapters are properly marked as “virtual” adapters, e.g VPN, internet connection sharing, dial-in, tethering, Hamachi.
  • Fix for the sloppy tracking of the xPad when it’s on the yoke.
  • Fix autopilot in baron – it was set to capture pre-selected altitude, but the Baron doesn’t have an altitude pre-selector in the panel!
  • Fixes plugins not having access to manipulator clicks.
  • XSG-4617 DME Bias not working.
  • XPD-8115 TF-RF ARINC legs should not turn anticipate/RFs track poorly afterward.
  • XPD-8509, XPD-8718, XPD-8737 We simply slave the PFD2 to the PFD1 for now. That gives COM/NAV/FPL functionality by mirroring PFD1.
  • XPD-8555 Dismiss warnings when new flight is started.
  • XPD-8591 X-Plane reports no ground service available for large jets.
  • XPD-8698 Better error messages when loading STARS.
  • XPD-8700 FMS progress page ETE instead of ETA.
  • XPD-8702 CTD adding waypoint to the FMS.
  • XPD-8722 Localizer info on map broken.
  • XPD-8723 G1000 Map water color is light blue. It should be a darker blue.
  • XPD-8724 G1000 toggling topo OFF is removing coastlines.
  • XPD-8740 Big performance hit when increasing G1000 zoom level to 125+nm and map orientation set to Track Up.
  • XPD-8741 B737-800 FMS, flight plan file causes CTD.
  • XPD-8815 VR UI focus fixed.
  • XPD-8835 New KSEA fixes space needle.
  • XPD-8848 G1000 lets enter wrong frequencies.
  • XPD-8856 Fixed permanent red/green lines on flap handle in Cessna.
  • XPD-8866 Throttle animation in replay.
  • XPD-8886 Fix for displaying axes on hardware that claims a wider range than the axis actually sends.
  • XPD-8907 Managed Joystick profiles fail to load automatically when first flight starts.
  • XPD-8950 Fix for CH Pedals on Windows (again).
  • XPD-8953 Prep electrical systems option doesn’t turn on both busses in C172.
  • XPD-8957 We now write the kiosk mode password to disk immediately.
  • XPD-8964 On first run, we now display the DRM dialog the first time you open the menu UI after the intro tutorial is over.
  • XPD-8967 Cursor Callback in modern SDK 3.0 windows works strange if user interface is scaled.
  • XPD-8987 We no longer read “placeholder” input for an axis.
  • XPD-9000 Map crashes when zooming in on planes.
  • XPD-9003 Fixed ipad fluttering in chase view when on magnets.
  • XPD-9011 Fix crash when removing and re-picking the same AI.
  • XPD-9016 Glideslope signal disappears from some runways when pointed away from the runway.
  • XPD-9018 Collective no longer operates as a pusher on self-centering axes.
  • XPD-9019 Fixed mouse cursor flash when reflections above min setting.
  • XPD-9021 Loading screen cut off in VR when companion window is big.

VR6 beta

  • XPD-8997 Bug Report: ASW is not working anymore.
  • XPD-8998 Bug report: Blank or gray instruments.
  • Fixed the crash loading some third party planes.
  • Fixed xPad following you around at all times.

VR5 beta

VR5 was an emergency release patch for low resolution issues with WMR & Vive equipment.

VR4 beta

VR4 uses the Oculus SDK directly and honors anti-aliasing settings in VR.

  • XPD-8929 Fixed bad lights.txt entry.
  • XPD-8961 Crash when closing when x-camera is running.
  • XPD-8973 Mouse and controller clicking in VR UI dead after calibration popup.
  • XPD-8974 Fixed misaligned click-spots in 2-d after using VR.
  • XPD-8975 We now disallow VR on systems with GPUs that don’t meet min requirements.
  • XPD-8978 Axes no longer require calibration if they had placeholder min/max, but your .joy specifies autocalibration.
  • XPD-8984 Fix mouse offset when using latched mouse-look mode.

VR3 beta

VR3 was an emergency patch for crash issues.

  • XPD-8945 Enabling VR Mouse in non-VR mode loses mouse clicks.
  • XPD-8946 Recursive crash in joystick code fixed.
  • XPD-8947 Fix for scenery shadows always being.
  • XPD-8949 Fix for plugins crashing at start.
  • XPD-8950 Fix for CH Pro Pedals being broken on Windows due to inferring a centered axis type where there was none.
  • XPD-8955 Fixed white-out with METAR files.

VR2 beta

VR2 beta includes support for WMR, a VR mouse option, a new realistic yoke, and the ability to customize VR controller settings. VR options are now controlled on a VR Hardware tab in Settings.

  • XPD-8517 Added text to indicate which directories we searched when we fail to find results.
  • XPD-8640 Stopped airport “compatibility check” when changing locations within a given sim run to avoid unwanted teleport.
  • XPD-8658 Adding a new multiplayer, Xavion, or external visuals network target now ends editing the previous machine’s IP/port.
  • XPD-8722 Localizer/ILS inspectors now display the ILS course, rather than your current radial.
  • XPD-8729 Drag chute doesn’t use transparency any more.
  • XPD-8736 Many custom atc.dat files seriously affects cpu usage
  • XPD-8746 Opacity of Draped OBJs Increases with the ‘Reload the Scenery’ Command.
  • XPD-8750 HDR + AMD + VR = Ghosting of Left Eye
  • XPD-8756 Removed names of individual apps from the Networking screen.
  • XPD-8768 Broken engine displays in IXEG 737.
  • XPD-8802, XPD-8790, XPD-8784, XPD-8768 Fixed deferred light levels not actually being deferred, causing blank instruments.
  • XPD-8806 Crash using wireframe view in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-8823 Air drop causes FPS drop.
  • XPD-8827 Glass objects inside the cockpit reflect only the outside.
  • XPD-8862 Fix for rendering restart text overflowing its box.
  • XPD-8867 Double sun in VR.
  • XPD-8869 No joystick controls if VR and IOS are active.
  • XPD-8871 Initial view does not get set to the default view option.

VR1 beta

This was the first public release of native X-Plane VR.

  • Prevent crash with Xpad & map.
  • Fix for Steam.
  • Fixed views: circle view, Holodeck moves recenter.
  • Fixed broken Vive touchpad.

Developer beta 3

  • Settings menu is fixed.
  • New hamburger menu.
  • Command added to bind view reset to joystick button.
  • XPD-8751 Bottom part of UI on whiteboard in hangar sometimes cut off.

Developer beta 1 & 2

  • Crash when touching manipulators fixed.
  • New error message if Steam VR fails.
  • Adjust both analogue and G1000 Cessna 172 to the slightly lower full-rich EGTs.
  • Additional translation strings for French, Italian & Spanish.
  • XPD-8414 C172 G1000 Electrical Bus.
  • XPD-8626 G1000 Long airport names.
  • XPD-8729 Drag chute can have alpha.
  • XPD-8736 Fixed slow speed when lots of 3rd party ATC files have tower/ground/del controllers.

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