X-Plane 11.21 is a bug-fix patch and minor update to X-Plane 11.20. This update adds GDPR compliance, and fixes some crashes & broken plugins when using UI scaling. 

Release Candidate 2

  • New art control to kill night vision.
  • XPD-9212 Check box cut off in GDPR dialog box.
  • XPD-9215 GPS prefs not saved on app exit.

Release Candidate 1

  • XPD-9175 Disallow TrackIR if VR is being used.
  • XPD-9180 IOS resets fuel quantity every 10 seconds.
  • XPD-9182 Fixed crash using button at end of helo tutorial.
  • XPD-9184 Widgets Missing in 150% UI Mode.
  • XPD-9185 Crash with plugins on Steam on MacOS.
  • XPD-9190 Cleaned up log warnings about default aircraft.
  • XPD-9195 Crash when selecting (missing) approach at KLAS.
  • XPD-9196 Fix for G940 joystick configuration file.
  • XPD-9198 Toe brakes & nosewheel stop working after using Aerolite.
  • XPD-9202 Changed loading the altitudes from flightplans into estimates, rather than hard restrictions.
  • XPD-9207 Shader crash with Intel GPUs.
  • XPD-9211 Fixed graph output disappearing when graph window is popped out.

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