X-Plane 11.25 is an art update to X-Plane 11.21. It contains updated global airports, landmark updates, and new facades & lines.

New features and improvements

  • Latest recommended Gateway airports (as of 5 June, 2018).
  • Additional landmarks at McCarran Intl (KLAS).
  • New facade & line options for airports.
  • New Chicago landmarks.
  • More connectivity information in the network settings UI.

New and updated global airports

Release Candidate 2

Bug fixes:

  • Fix AI aircraft load overwriting global hobbs time.
  • XPD-9257 Exvis stuttering when using autopilot.
  • XPD-9286 Get latest KLAS pack with High Roller.

Release Candidate 1

Bug fixes:

  • We now update the boxel scale when you drag the corner of a floating VR window.
  • 2018-07 ILS data from Robin.
  • Fixed missing PFC axis for 4 axis + speed brake/reverse throttles.
  • New line types included in apt.dat and fixed 2-pixel offset.
  • XPD-9201 Fixed Stinson manipulator in VR.
  • XPD-9251 GDPR check-box offscreen when it comes up in DRM popup in VR.
  • XPD-9228/XPD-9259 Fix crash on heliport ATIS.
  • XPD-9258 Fixed “Body mounted” popup translation so the menu works.
  • XPD-9262 Carburetor icing becomes stuck if clouds are removed.
  • XPD-9270 User submitted vrconfig for Stinson.
  • XPD-9272 Ex-visual off by one degree when started at near-ish airports.

Beta 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed datarefs passed via actor instances.
  • ZOOM and SNAP packages will now be properly handled.
  • Rendering bug fixes for lines.

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