X-Plane 11.33b1 is an incremental update that includes updated Gateway airports and translations, crash fixes and diagnostics, and bug fixes.

Known bugs

  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.

New & Updated Airports

Release Candidate 2

  • XPD-9851 “Newly released” tags for AG.
  • XPD-10070 Fixed missing buildings in KSEA – global airpots was masking it out.
  • XPD-10071 Fixed missing AG library path.

Release Candidate 1

  • XPD-9995 Fix for motion platform output.
  • XPD-10047 Lower min FOV for pro customers.
  • XPD-10050 SegFault in setDestinationAirport(…). Condition was off by one.
  • XPD-10053 Hand-tuned the scroll wheel’s zoom rate in the map on Linux.
  • XPD-10057 Satellite misspelled in Map.
  • XPD-10062 New error message for sound bank conflicts due to users copying old planes.

Beta 1

  • XPD-8450 Separate engine temperature scale datarefs for F & C.
  • XPD-8808 Ensure settings window displays properly at 1024×768.
  • XPD-9330 Scale of text / userinterface not possible when not using 2nd monitor.
  • XPD-9441 Weight, balance and fuel- Total weight (lbs) does not include weapons.
  • XPD-9504 New naming scheme for screenshots.
  • XPD-9505, XPD-9914 Create temp route present positions as objects in their own right.
  • XPD-9531 C172 stalls way too early now.
  • XPD-9573 Fix dome glare being screen aligned and looking silly when we roll.
  • XPD-9670 Fix for dropdowns being left open after the ATC window is closed.
  • XPD-9683 Fix dupe banks in FMOD crashing the sim.
  • XPD-9690 Min cloud altitudes set based on first airport you visit.
  • XPD-9759 Airport picker UI displays wrong magnetic variation.
  • XPD-9772 Option to disable VR green glowing boxes.
  • XPD-9786 Fixed German typos.
  • XPD-9815 2D panel on separate display depends on view direction of main 3d display.
  • XPD-9849 Make keys_class robust against key-presses and releases not being in balance.
  • XPD-9878 Autopilot speed and altitude select digits do not line up in windows.
  • XPD-9882 Fixed KOAK nav data.
  • XPD-9919 Lightning appears in cockpit in VR.
  • XPD-9965 Com radio can’t hear ATIS if marker beacons electrical bus is failed.
  • XPD-9967 Default Baron 58 de icing not working.
  • XPD-9969 Make oil temperature datarefs editable.
  • XPD-9971 Fix for single engine driving multiple props.
  • XPD-9986 Helicopter icon generation too small.
  • XPD-9991 Crashes on older Intel GPUs.
  • XPD-9992 Default FMC, Holding Pattern will only be flown once.
  • XPD-9993 Dialed back ice mass accumulation.
  • XPD-9997 Updated Plane Maker UI when auto-start enabled.
  • XPD-9998 Fix crash off VNJS RWY06.
  • XPD-10003 Landing lights has no effect on battery amperage draw.
  • XPD-10007 Fixed slip ball limit.
  • XPD-10011 VR projection matrix is bad.
  • XPD-10021 Add launch option for Steam VR Lobby.
  • XPD-10029 Can’t select COM transmit on GMA audio panel.

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