X-Plane 11.36 is a minor patch update that includes improved bungee steering, asynchronous map, and .lin fixes.

Known bugs

  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.

Bug Fixes

Release Candidate 2

  • XPD-10241 Restored airways when using FAA CIFP.
  • XPD-10268 Fix for beacon.obj typo.
  • XPD-10272 Fix plugin-commanded steering not working.
  • Updated C172.acf and C172_G1000.acf with new nosewheel steering parameters.

Release Candidate 1

  • Honeycomb & Betop MVP joystick files added.
  • Bumped max number of texture atlases from 64 to 128.
  • XPD-10246 Fixed missing layers for .lin files with layers out of order.
  • XPD-10253 Fixed crash if speech engine fails to init.

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