X-Plane 11.40 is a major update with changes to the experimental flight model, including seaplane handling, stalling, and prop wash improvements.

Known bugs

  • XPD-7871 Dark contrails instead of white.
  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.

Features and improvements

New and updated global aiports

Bug fixes

Release Candidate 2

  • XPD-10325 APU N1 is saved for replay using the correct scale now.
  • XPD-10366 Fixed crash when tracking to YMUL GNSS RW23 MULEH.
  • XPD-10369 G1000 MFD track-up route leg plotting error.

Release Candidate 1

  • New datarefs:
    • XPD-10269 GPU time for debugging.
    • XPD-10347 Wing stalls.
    • XPD-10350 Access to 3-d proj matrix from 2-d UI call.
  • Tweaks to AI landings & interaction with ATC.
  • XPD-8169 DELTA and ABS DELTA replay properly in .snd files.
  • XPD-8754 Replay recreates wheel impact sounds.
  • XPD-10225 Critical altitude for electric motors.
  • XPD-10325 Replay recreates APU N1 for sound.

Beta 9

  • Body shadowing code improvements for speed with high numbers of FM iterations
  • X-Plane uses the right reynolds numbers for airfoils even if the order is entered backward in the .afl file.
  • XPD-10058 Added a link to the complete Gateway contributors list.
  • XPD-10342 The same IP and port must not mean the same app.
  • XPD-10349 Instanced objects go nuts when sim is paused.
  • XPD-10352 Stall speed fixed when experimental FM is off.
  • XPD-10354 Fixed NaN crash with AB412 Helicopter, when using zero size weapons.
  • XPD-10355 Fixed override_engines to not double engine forces.

Beta 8

  • Minor German text fixes.
  • NaN fixes.

Beta 7

  • Better AI airliner landings.
  • XPD-10320 Fixed nosewheel steering with experimental FM on.
  • XPD-10333 We now log if the experimental FM is turned on or off.
  • XPD-10336 S-76 torque number fix.
  • XPD-10338 Fixed afterburner thrust for pre-11.40 aircraft.

Beta 6

  • New feature: authors can specify preferred climb speed for AI aircraft use.
  • SF-50 trim settings tweaked by Austin.
  • Fixed buildings missing at KSEA & LOWI.
  • Fixed local date being wrong when it’s past midnight GMT but early evening locally and track system date and time is in use.
  • Fixed crash at KSAV if trying to contact tower.
  • New log messages for bad ATC Frequencies that are in the navaid freq range.
  • Autostall recovery tweaked a bit.
  • Adjustments to how AI aircraft climb, hold altitude and fly final approach to TDZ.
  • XPD-10313 S76 Radio Altimeter Error.
  • XPD-10326 Fixed engine override dataref.

Beta 5

  • Latest Gateway airports added.
  • Fix for flight model crashes.
  • AI tuning & push back truck force adjusted.
  • XPD-10321 Bleed air commands doesn’t modify bleed mode.

Beta 4

  • XPD-9793 Save all random seeds in sit/rep, not just wxr.
  • XPD-10294 FM fixes for vortex ring state.
  • XPD-10307 Fixed propwash swirl.
  • XPD-10309 FM fixes for for helicopter (VRS/Wash).
  • XPD-10310 Fixed GPS error when course is < 360 as double, but not < 360 as float.
  • XPD-10311 Fixed missing decals on desktop.

Beta 3

  • Weather & time fixes to .sit & .rep files.
  • G1000 now displays “LOADING”, just like the real one does when it re-projects the map.
  • XPD-8560 Carrier ILS frequencies off unless using military plane or helicopter, carrier approach, or auto tune radios.
  • XPD-10256 GPS OBS is now decoupled from OBS in VLOC mode.
  • XPD-10278 Fixed missing headers in data output.
  • XPD-10290 Melding of approaches and transitions works again.
  • XPD-10293 External visual weather or time not synced with master.
  • XPD-10295, XPD-10296 Fixed wind “calm zone” being to high.
  • XPD-10298 Restored custom “master caution” from plugins.

Beta 2

  • Updated joystick configs & manuals.
  • Updated code signing for upcoming macOS Catalina.
  • XPD-7964 Fixed weapon view.
  • XPD-9083 Fix the map around the international date line.
  • XPD-10240, XPD-10291 Fixed bug where blank named roads would always be treated
    as one way.
  • XPD-10273 Restored aliases for old command names.
  • XPD-10289 Wake turbulence makes light aircraft explode.

Beta 1

  • XPD-8518 Incorrect metar QNH interpretation (/// entries).
  • XPD-9659 Propwash flow in reverse incorrectly swirls behind the prop disk and flows ‘straight’ after the prop disk
  • XPD-9872 Ground trucks slow to a crawl when passing on the same network segment.
  • XPD-9984 Update UI to indicate GPS commands work with G530.
  • XPD-9969 Make oil temperature datarefs editable.
  • XPD-10003 In some planes turning on and off the Landing lights has no effect on battery amperage draw.
  • XPD-10005 Area-ruled correction factor added to Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10017 Removed duplicate DRM alert.
  • XPD-10199 Wetted area in cycle dump documentation updated.
  • XPD-10227 Updated docs for sim/flightmodel2/controls/left & right_brake_ratio.

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