X-Plane 11.41 is a minor patch update that includes a security patch & bug fixes.

Known bugs

  • XPD-7871 Dark contrails instead of white.
  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.

Bug Fixes

Release Candidate 1

  • Clearer error messages for issues with running on MacOS Catalina.
  • XPD-8791 Typo in command name: vacuum DG sync to magnetic north.
  • XPD-10381 Fix for ATC text display being overlaid with in-cockpit data output.
  • XPD-10382 Fix for Nimbus UH-1 manipulators.
  • XPD-10384 Fixed thermal ambient sink rate.
  • XPD-10387 Put back ground-speed 16x fuel consumption.
  • XPD-10391 Fix security vulnerability.
  • XPD-10396 Fixed mic permissions on Mac.
  • XPD-10397 Sim can now start even with log files greater than 2GB.
  • XPD-10402 Fixed flap overspeed buffer.
  • XPD-10407 FIx for GPS missed approach at high elevation.

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