X-Plane 12.00 is the initial version of the newest flight simulator from Laminar Research. X-Plane 12 includes new features such as new aircraft, an updated user interface, moving jetways, seasons, and a new lighting, sound and effects engine. It contains numerous flight model updates, an entirely updated ATC system, new Primus avionics, Navdata updates, and recut global scenery. Alpha testing began on December 3, 2021. (Release notes from Alpha can be accessed here.) Early Access began on September 5, 2022.

Known Bugs

  • Incomplete or missing features in Alpha/Early Access:
    • Master-external visual networking
    • New XPLM APIs
  • In progress features:
    • Tuning lighting & fog
    • LIT textures
    • VR holodeck lighting
    • Far trees don’t look great
    • Better cloud shapes, especially cirrus
    • Performance tuning

Bug Fixes

Public Beta – 12.05b1

X-Plane 12.05b1 introduces the Airbus MCDU for the A330 and many bug fixes.

  • XPD-13946 – Some stability augmentation system active in all aircraft.
  • XPD-13815 – Crash taxiing across latitude line at LFPG with wind set up.
  • XPD-13677 – DSF Fatal Error Crashes the Sim instead of Quitting.
  • XPD-13940 – Temperatures can jump dramatically near the tropopause.
  • XPD-13706 – Text Offsets on EFIS Map not working for TCAS.
  • XPD-12609 – Hang or dev assert in failed weapons load.
  • XPD-5948 – Approach lights cut off when crossing longitude degree.
  • XPD-13945 – THR LVR FMA doubled in A330.
  • XPD-13925 – DataRefTool text display broken again.
  • XPD-13702 – Clouds break MSAA.
  • XPD-13559 – Replay system does not handle ground-speed acceleration well.
  • XPD-13550 – OBJ with empty key frame table crashes sim.
  • XPD-13530 – t_quit from thread hangs the sim and other sad things.
  • XPD-13446 – From Bug Report: Landing Gear Failures within IOS (Do not Work).
  • XPD-13354 – microburst doesn’t go away when you fix the failure.
  • XPD-13954 – A330 FMC, clicking on the PERF button should always take you to the current active PERF phase page.
  • XPD-13951 – A330 pack flow sound even if no bleed air available to drive the packs.
  • XPD-13723 – Consider CURLSSLOPT_REVOKE_BEST_EFFORT option.
  • XPD-13719 – From Bug Report: Editing Weapon Shell Geometry Using the Weapons’ UI Duplicates the Geometry to the Launcher.
  • XPD-13682 – From Bug Report: Wake turbulence broken for 3rd party integrations.
  • XPD-13540 – Additional CLI Adding Additional Options.
  • XPD-13729 – Not able to reach North Pole with a CTD.
  • XPD-13473 – Manufacture List Runs of Screen (Plane Maker).
  • XPD-13910 – Tree rendering distance massively reduced.
  • XPD-13849 – ATTR_shiny_rat undoes ATTR_albedo_opacity.
  • XPD-13923 – Incorrect draw layer in some runways.
  • XPD-13915 – Missing pipeline with custom billboard lights when recomputing the cube map.
  • XPD-13912 – Airport Line Marking #19 “Taxiway Hatch” no more showing.
  • XPD-13909 – DDS loader crashes trying to free memory.
  • XPD-13891 – CTD when requesting clearance at an airport with no usable runways.
  • XPD-13871 – Make (apt.dat) taxiway layering compatible with 3rd party X-Plane 11 scenery & libraries.
  • XPD-13825 – X-Plane 12 and Plane Maker 12 CTD when opening an X-Plane 11 model.
  • XPD-13707 – Flaps/Slats Timing Not Working.
  • XPD-10868 – OpenGL plugin rendering flickering on AMD.
  • XPD-13937 – Race condition in OBJ_read.cpp.
  • XPD-13932 – Bug report “Black sun is still there”.
  • XPD-13922 – SR-22 needs to use new command for blue level button.
  • XPD-13914 – Take KBTV with updated road network into next beta.
  • XPD-13913 – Zink doesn’t identify if the Zink libGL.so is pre-loaded through LD_PRELOAD.
  • XPD-13911 – Remove Aerosoft – EDLP Paderborn-Lippstadt airport.
  • XPD-13900 – 737 cabin altitude indicator pointer showing wrong value.
  • XPD-13899 – RenderDoc can no longer capture X-Plane (Linux).
  • XPD-13892 – Update global airports to add is_oilrig meta data.
  • XPD-13869 – F14: Adjust Flap Interlock on Wing Sweep.
  • XPD-13867 – L-5 airplane uses wrong dataref for turn coord, so i fixed it.
  • XPD-13856 – Case mismatch in rpaths in libary.txt with actual file names.
  • XPD-13830 – Rounding on LED generic instruments in plane maker needs to be ‘optionable’.
  • XPD-13828 – Ford Carrier small update: removed animated Seahawk.
  • XPD-13820 – Ford Carrier Vehicles update: library update.
  • XPD-13819 – Ford Carrier Vehicles update.
  • XPD-13808 – Updated earth_astro.dat (star positions database).
  • XPD-13771 – Remove on screen debug information output from translations.
  • XPD-13752 – No altitude sel armed when using right side Master for autopilot on Citation X.
  • XPD-13660 – The direction of the slip indicator on the Citation is wrong.
  • XPD-13643 – Crash with empty controller when requesting stop pushback.
  • XPD-13616 – Real weather folder size increasing .
  • XPD-13500 – KingAir smoke visible at night.
  • XPD-13495 – “NONE” cannot be selected in fuel tank transfer list.
  • XPD-13169 – Once triggered, Master Warnings & Master Cautions fluctuate on and off continuously.
  • XPD-13930 – Bug report “XPLMGetMETARForAirport does not retrieve latest METAR”.
  • XPD-13902 – Bug report “Wierd looking engine smoke in F14D (fix included)”.
  • XPD-13893 – Pro Use Frame Rate Test – Increase from 10 FPS to 20 FPS.
  • XPD-13868 – Add support for Discord rich presence.
  • XPD-13832 – CURLSSLOPT_REVOKE_BEST_EFFORT needs to be set separately for proxy.
  • XPD-13811 – From Bug Report: sim/cockpit2/ice/tks_max_time_left goes down too fast.
  • XPD-13810 – From Bug Report: Inappropriate effect of some failures.
  • XPD-13174 – Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet .sit file bug .
  • XPD-13061 – Total energy compensated variometer in Schleicher ASK21 shows wrong value.
  • XPD-11896 – A330: Pushing in knobs on FCU should show “managed mode” white dots for SPD and HDG as well.
  • XPD-10115 – B738: APU EGT levels regression.
  • XPD-13906 – Re: Bug report “CH Pro Pedals – Axis labelling incorrect.”.
  • XPD-13901 – Fully dark avionics draw at full brightness in ATTR_cockpit_device.


  • 12.04r3 made final (X-Plane 12 version to be included with demos and new full installs)

Public Beta – 12.04r3

  • Emergency fix for tree rendering distances
  • XPD-13909 – DDS loader crashes when trying to free memory

Public Beta – 12.04r2

  • Emergency fix for crash reporter issues

Public Beta – 12.04r1

  • XPD-13881 – Missing Pipeline with Thranda C208.
  • XPD-13878 – Crash on startup with Zink and Nvidia GPUs.
  • XPD-13870 – Black sun when using a GeForce 900 series GPU.
  • XPD-13890 – Zink needs to be loaded early to intercept anyone injecting GL early.
  • XPD-13889 – Zink needs to disable ReShade even with CLI opt in.
  • XPD-13888 – iphone/XXX datarefs exposed to desktop third parties.
  • XPD-13886 – Zink doesn’t detect when the system OpenGL library was already loaded.
  • XPD-13884 – Zink doesn’t correctly turn off after failing on startup.
  • XPD-13883 – Zink crashes on startup with GeForce 10xx series cards.
  • XPD-13887 – sim/atc/user_aircraft_transmitting crashes if read too early.

Public Beta – 12.04b3

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13857 – Sudden change in outside air temperature (causing pressure altitude to jump several thousand feet).
  • XPD-13851 – X-Plane complains about broken DDS that previously loaded just fine.
  • XPD-13853 – Improve accuracy of reported airport visibility with real weather.
  • XPD-13843 – Only first of Custom Ground Trucks is recognized.
  • XPD-13656 – From Bug Report: .FOR file with grass have shimering and transparency with a LOD enabled”.
  • XPD-13848 – drawcall type data ref is not set correctly during `XPLMCustomizeAvionics_t` callbacks .
  • XPD-13390 – Zink/Mesa is leaking staging memory.
  • XPD-13285 – Zink on Linux.
  • XPD-13284 – Allow fallback to the IHV driver instead of forcing Zink.
  • XPD-13283 – Zink doesn’t correctly render UI plugins.
  • XPD-13282 – Zink backend on AMD results in colours being rendered incorrectly.
  • XPD-13472 – No longer able to: “Carry another aircraft” or “Be carried by another aircraft”.

Public Beta – 12.04b2 

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13836 – SDK bugs in dataref messages from Lee.
  • XPD-13834 – On first launch, X-Plane will complain that it failed to initialize Zink.

Public Beta – 12.04b

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13763 – MD80: Seat and carpet textures too bright at night.
  • XPD-13647 – Add two new ATTR_Layer_groups.
  • XPD-12172 – Add FMOD access to SDK.
  • XPD-13790 – legacy items replacement (+ new objects).
  • XPD-13758 – Hangar kit facades make ramp starts start on the roof.
  • XPD-13736 – fmod_migrate_external_sound assert.
  • XPD-13715 – Manual wind layer altitudes were ignored.
  • XPD-13691 – Surface winds wrong in general, more so at high airports.
  • XPD-13648 – Allow file of flightplan for an on-runway start without cancelling existing clearance first.
  • XPD-13813 – Approach light strobes on red/white masts are laterally offset from their desired position at KRDU.
  • XPD-13802 – From Bug Report: Blank (all black) VR billboard.
  • XPD-13793 – Map missing top row of VFR terrain tiles.
  • XPD-13786 – Budapest Landmarks Update.
  • XPD-13772 – Alpha channel artefacts in lib/g10/global_objects/DkGrpMed.obj.
  • XPD-13770 – Take updated Global Airports for 12.02.
  • XPD-13751 – Correct ILS was not always being enabled/disabled when this option was selected.
  • XPD-13742 – From Bug Report: Annunciators with GLASS_AUTO and no electrical dependency are not rendered without power.
  • XPD-13693 – Ability to switch between visual/ILS landings broken for planned flights.
  • XPD-13669 – 737 avionics are powered down for several frames even for hot starts.
  • XPD-13645 – Do not use glass decorator in VR (ATC window).
  • XPD-13421 – Simple SDK Weather API – METAR Access + lat/lon weather fetch.
  • XPD-13315 – If you load a aircraft without Fmod Studio the interior bus cannot be found.
  • XPD-13293 – XPLMRegisterAvionicsCallbacksEx callback receives wrong deviceID.
  • XPD-13127 – Make New Cirrus SR22 Datarefs writable.
  • XPD-11357 – Improve “draw parked aircraft” livery selection logic.
  • XPD-9926 – segfault in TEX_obj.cpp line 579 when loading DDS files.
  • XPD-13744 – From Bug Report: Anti-icing on the default Baron 58 does not work.
  • XPD-13727 – Don’t auto-create any controllers apart from AWOS if an airport is un-towered.
  • XPD-13712 – Add surface wind layer to map.
  • XPD-13711 – Winds in airport popout in the map were always for altitude 0, not the airport altitude.
  • XPD-13689 – Map: Maximum available speed to set the player aircraft is too low.
  • XPD-13430 – Releasing AI control of p0 when flying with a plan cancels the plan.
  • XPD-13386 – HoneycombBravoThrottle_Mac.joy log errors.
  • XPD-12880 – Copilot and Ui Fmod bus not found using low level core API.
  • XPD-10536 – Bug report: [XP SDK3] XPLMGetAllMonitorBoundsOS wrong behaviour.
  • XPD-13748 – Tropopause is not correctly modelled.
  • XPD-13732 – Allow short coordinate format in flightplan route.
  • XPD-13672 – Correct some switch position initialization for the “engines running” scenario on the Citation X.
  • XPD-13181 – Minor sr22 vs SR22 naming inconsistency in commands and datarefs.
  • XPD-8734 – Bug report: FEATURE REQUEST: 2-light PAPI.

Public Beta – 12.03r1 

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

Note: New DSF files are available with 12.03r1. You can download these now by running the installer and choosing ‘Update scenery online’. Expect a relatively lengthy download (especially with multiple scenery regions installed)

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13618 – CYVR and LFPG DSF issues.
  • XPD-12583 – Custom-placed Approach Light objects.
  • XPD-13798 – Crash in panel code when plane has a HUD instrument
  • Replay fix – Velocity was treated as a location

Public Beta – 12.02r1 

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13797 RAM leak
  • Fix for a separate memory leak where every async op leaked a few bytes

Public Beta – 12.01r3 

This version is now final

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD Fixes:

  • XPD-13755 Fix some generic instruments being culled before power checks
  • Fix annunciator instruments being culled to early.

Public Beta – 12.01r2 

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD fixes:

  • XPD-13753: Enroute course check was broken as part of a crash fix in 12.01r1

Public Beta – 12.01r1

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD fixes:

  • XPD-13708 – ATTR_shiny_rat kills backward compatible snow.
  • XPD-13710 – Not in database warning for some airports FMC.
  • XPD-13362 – Need Generic Jenkins Build of XPLM.
  • XPD-13721 – From Bug Report: G1000 power shows different %power on engine page than on main MFD page.
  • XPD-13716 – SF50: Some misspellings in panels.
  • XPD-13696 – Departure requests altered aircraft status without checking for working transmitter.
  • XPD-13679 – Tower frequency can differ between airport and controller records.
  • XPD-13673 – Crash when requesting departure information with no flightplan.
  • XPD-13638 – A key that “times out” should not cause us to go back to demo mode/non-pro mode.
  • XPD-13613 – retracted gears should not keep spinning.
  • XPD-13611 – ADF radios are initialized to ANT mode on plane load, and not all planes have a switch to switch them to ADF mode.
  • XPD-13580 – Contrails at night are too bright.
  • XPD-13443 – Make sure that notification of updates are NEVER shown, even when DRM is expired.
  • XPD-12501 – Overhead Clouds Cause VR Artifacts.
  • XPD-11173 – Background-discovery of a revoked key does not put up an error.
  • XPD-13698 – CitX: Weird “clicking” “rasping” sound when flying with routing in FMS.
  • XPD-13684 – C172: Panel lighting needs to be able to be turned up a little bit more.
  • XPD-13608 – From Bug Report: KCCO Showing up as non-paved.
  • XPD-13605 – From Bug Report: G1000 (C172) Incorrect Electrical Labeling for Batt.
  • XPD-13577 – Removing or failing a fairing does not affect ground physics.
  • XPD-13553 – From Bug Report: Megawatts of bus load.
  • XPD-11849 – inet_targ_xplane_aclo_select does nothing.
  • XPD-11017 – Remove references to email [email protected] from pop ups and warnings.
  • XPD-13523 – Catch2 UTL_continuation_test fails on Windows.
  • XPD-13117 – Catch2 ui_section_aircraft_test fails on dev_assert.

Public Beta – 12.01b1

Beta opt-in required to access this version. Instructions can be found in the article below

Using the X-Plane Betas

XPD fixes:

  • XPD-13676 – dev assert in shut-down in ATC controller.
  • XPD-13665 – Massive performance drop at sunrise/sunset.
  • XPD-13654 – Async compute has race conditions.
  • XPD-13647 – Add two new ATTR_Layer_groups.
  • XPD-13621 – ATTR_light_level control of alpha channel causes total chaos in v12.
  • XPD-13070 – XP12 fuel flow override and tank not drained.
  • XPD-13659 – Slight roll for swept-wing aircraft.
  • XPD-13658 – Heuristics for FISO/ATC default should take existence of ground/clearance delivery frequencies into account.
  • XPD-13642 – Custom docking jetways only working for ONE JW per airport.
  • XPD-13583 – Assert error conditions_dis_mtr > 0.0.
  • XPD-13468 – Missed-approach zone at far end of runway can be triggered during overflight on approach.
  • XPD-12879 – TCAS Target Wake Turbulence no longer exists.
  • XPD-10179 – Facade with illicit wall selection causes crash.
  • XPD-13688 – RV10: Engine volume too soft.
  • XPD-13687 – MD80: Incorrect tank names.
  • XPD-13686 – B738: Config warn and relay sounds when testing cockpit lites.
  • XPD-13678 – HSI broken since Baron cockpit update.
  • XPD-13664 – R22: Carburetor temp gauge fix.
  • XPD-13651 – Gate-hold due to airport flow change was not being cleared correctly.
  • XPD-13649 – Alia has no defined manufacturer or model code.
  • XPD-13640 – Citation X has no aileron and no rudder trim.
  • XPD-13637 – KBTV update.
  • XPD-13631 – Baron flightmodel improvements.
  • XPD-13615 – Boats sync is broken in multiplayer.
  • XPD-13601 – Trying to rewind in replay causes CTD with no error window.
  • XPD-13576 – Rare crash for AI trying to direct-contact field for landing.
  • XPD-13551 – X-Plane Hard crashes on PNG errors.
  • XPD-13549 – Race or some other failure to have l_temp texture in SSR init.
  • XPD-13518 – Crash when loading X-Plane 11 default controllers in X-Plane 12.
  • XPD-13510 – Rare crash checking arrival conflicts.
  • XPD-13493 – ATIS order differs between FAA and ICAO.
  • XPD-13488 – Can be told “off taxi route” before receiving it when leaving the runway on an unexpected exit.
  • XPD-13464 – Crash during unexpected shutdown.
  • XPD-13419 – Replays arent showing the instrument_brightness_ratio transformations.
  • XPD-13380 – Intrinsic balloons drawn at ground/sea level.
  • XPD-13274 – Tower may say “descend and maintain 0″ on final depending on exact timing.
  • XPD-13254 – Hang/device loss with async compute and alt-tabbing out of X-Plane.
  • XPD-13135 – Some commands are registered into two categories.
  • XPD-13080 – Missing type for internal FMS waypoints.
  • XPD-12911 – The AutoUpdate process locks up X-Plane when 2D Panels are set.
  • XPD-12748 – the type-2 facade has distorted geometry.
  • XPD-11228 – Super Cub reflected in Evo.
  • XPD-13655 – Log spam with AI waiting to transmit checkin messages.
  • XPD-13639 – Save/Don’t Save/Cancel Alert Not Clickable When Windows are Popped Out.
  • XPD-13598 – From Bug Report: F14 Odd visuals when paused in external view – afterburner on.
  • XPD-13578 – AI were obeying the user’s choice of pilot/copilot transmission setting.
  • XPD-13469 – OrthoXP DSF files provide no elevation data, breaking terrain avoidance and routing.
  • XPD-13409 – A pattern-type approach is used too often when a direct approach might be used.
  • XPD-13382 – Sky ambience cube map not reset when changing weather presets.
  • XPD-13136 – Catch2 wxr_def_t_test Wind altitudes fails.

Release candidate 6

  • fixes white screen on AMD linux
  • fixes flashing on vulkan
  • fixes hard to see PAPIs

XPD fixes:

  • XPD-13617 – Further tuning of exposure and tonemapper settings.
  • XPD-13586 – 3-d trees don’t fade if 3-d veg is off.
  • XPD-13525 – PAPIs during daylight are really hard to see (actually unlit for practical purposes with rc4).
  • XPD-12851 – diagnostic lines not rite color.. WHEN OVERCAST!
  • XPD-12823 – White flickering surface over far away ocean.
  • XPD-13614 – Control Towers update.
  • XPD-13595 – From Bug Report: Beacon light not visible on Super Cub and C90b during daytime.
  • XPD-13582 – 737 flap degrees ‘bonkers’.
  • XPD-12967 – Add “ready for descent” call for IFR.
  • XPD-12960 – Lights look like starbursts.
  • XPD-12681 – Visual approach slope indicators (VASI/PAPI) loose the red colour when getting closer.
  • XPD-13604 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 changes the users FOV settings.
  • XPD-13602 – From Bug Report: c172 vacuum system too high depending on RPM.
  • XPD-13596 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 Bristol Livery – Bristol & logo do not stay attached to the door.
  • XPD-13593 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 Click regions are missing for the Map zoom for MFD and PFD.
  • XPD-13592 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 only Battery 1 is used (cold & dark).
  • XPD-13607 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 Pitot Button not a toggle on/off .

Release candidate 5

Scenery update:

  • Recut global scenery is available for users with the digital download version of X-Plane 12.
  • To update your scenery, run the X-Plane 12 digital installer and pick “update scenery”. The installer will scan your installed scenery and update scenery files as needed.

Release candidate 4

  • XPD-13575 – Alpha-blended LIT are very dim when light level is modulated.
  • XPD-12364 – Cockpit is incorrectly exposed (autoexposure bug).
  • XPD-13565 – Citation X: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13564 – B738: Initialize annunciators at DIM for night.
  • XPD-13562 – Baron B58: Light adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13560 – A330 VRCONFIG error.
  • XPD-13535 – Translucent annunciators on panel are dim at night – RotateRite MD-11.
  • XPD-13531 – Race in replay’s entity creation.
  • XPD-13498 – Nav lights on F-14 Tomcat are clipping in some exterior views.
  • XPD-13496 – NAV Lights are too bright on entire fleet.
  • XPD-13581 – Windsocks too bright at night.
  • XPD-13579 – Vans RV10: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13573 – Stinson L5: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13572 – S76: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13571 – R22: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13570 – PA18: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13569 – Evo: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13568 – SF50: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13567 – SR22: Lighting fixes for ev5.
  • XPD-13566 – C172: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13563 – Kingair: Lighting adjustments for ev5.
  • XPD-13561 – ALIA-250: Integral light (backlight) too intense for ev5.
  • XPD-13546 – updated luminance for skyscrapers and urban terrain LIT.
  • XPD-13544 – X-Plane segfault entering a weight for a flightplan with no waypoints.
  • XPD-13543 – X-Plane segfault when trying to save current flightplan on Citation X.
  • XPD-13542 – Need photo attenuation exposed in a dataref.
  • XPD-13541 – instrument brightness is hard cut at 0.1%.
  • XPD-13537 – m_zulu_time out of bounds!
  • XPD-13536 – New v12 assets (legacy terminal facades 4-6 replacement).
  • XPD-13533 – Cockpit devices with different luminance are merged.
  • XPD-13507 – From Bug Report: Copilot Yaw does not move nose wheel – only moves rudder.
  • XPD-13501 – KingAir glare shield looks like bubble wrap.
  • XPD-13481 – No runways shoulders still draws 1m shoulders.
  • XPD-13231 – Heliport and seaport symbols disappear on map zoom-in.
  • XPD-13555 – 737 engine driven elec generator breakers can be operated without the generator producing power.

Release candidate 3


The auto-exposure system is still being modified; RC3’s light levels are the same as RC1/RC2. Third party developers can get detailed notes on the state of lighting and how to update in the X-Plane developer lobby.

RC3 does change how brightness is managed in glass displays; authors should enter the real world max luminance of their displays.

We expect to be able to re-enable auto-exposure to improve the look of the sim under various lighting conditions next week.

Flight model:

Airfoil critical mach number improved. Transsonic airflow over wings improved, particular in swept-wing aircraft such as airliners. Developers can watch Austin’s explanation video for more information

  • XPD-13524 – Warning and quit when loading Aerolite.
  • XPD-13489 – Multi monitor clouds rendering error when both monitors are at different resolutions.
  • XPD-13516 – Shader missing on RC1, AMD.
  • XPD-13403 – Crash With Out of Bounds Shader Constants at Shader Build Time.
  • XPD-13015 – Runway light spills WAY too bright on ground.
  • XPD-11770 – Make library.txt and .for files carry 1200 version numbers.
  • XPD-13526 – Updated luminance for various objects.
  • XPD-13515 – Can only load 4 saved flightplans in alphabetical order into Citation X FMS.
  • XPD-13514 – dataref sim/weather/barometer_current_inhg not consistent with pressure measured by the altimeter.
  • XPD-13513 – Can’t delete hold from flightplan in Citation X FMS.
  • XPD-13512 – Can’t access missed approach on the Citation X FMS.
  • XPD-13505 – Aerolite toe brakes inop.
  • XPD-13502 – Dev assert when loading sit (soun.has_master_bank()).
  • XPD-13499 – KingAir nav lights don’t create spill.
  • XPD-13491 – Autogen and World Terrain libraries version 1200.
  • XPD-13486 – VelocityOne Joy Files.
  • XPD-13450 – acf_throtmax_FWD set to above 1.0 does not increase MPR.
  • XPD-12697 – Request: Ability to toggle misc objects on and off on the fly.
  • XPD-13144 – King Air External Lights Not Showing / Landing Light Wrong Location.

Release candidate 2

Emergency release to fix:

  • Low FPS on Windows due to aftermath being on
  • Crashes when quitting VR

Release candidate 1

  • XPD-13475 – Popup window Pool can be exhausted.
  • XPD-13470 – Ford Carrier Update.
  • XPD-13453 – Com freq does not update moving from standby to active.
  • XPD-13429 – Remove beta watermark from loading screen.
  • XPD-13299 – Still getting unnecessary and repeated revectors on approach at some airports.
  • XPD-13456 – UI: Less annoying “downloading weather” dialog.
  • XPD-13420 – Weather SDK – New DataRefs.
  • XPD-13417 – Engine Bypass Ratio calculation seems to be inverted in XP / PM 12.
  • XPD-13378 – Far mountains/terrain visible through clouds.
  • XPD-12736 – Terrain has better resolution from far view than from close view.
  • XPD-12272 – When ATC issues a wristslap, it must inform the user of the cause.
  • XPD-13482 – Las Vegas Landmarks update.
  • XPD-13465 – Changes of layer order of the airport ground elements.
  • XPD-13452 – Programming the FMS causes stuttering.
  • XPD-13383 – Presumed text width calculation changes broke DataRefTool.
  • XPD-13346 – Refactor tone mapping from GPU blending to CPU readback.
  • XPD-13341 – Handoff from IFR route to FISO field may not happen depending on the exact route details.
  • XPD-13331 – No SDK access to METAR file schema.
  • XPD-13230 – Turbulence dataref returns to the weather menu slider setting.
  • XPD-13224 – Checklist to release 12.00b11.
  • XPD-13038 – ATC Taxi Guidance Arrows Should Not Move With Aircraft Motion.
  • XPD-11983 – Holodeck is washed out – not using real shading.
  • XPD-13460 – Real Weather Log Output too Verbose.
  • XPD-13086 – Bug report: XPLMMeasureString incorrect for Proportional Font (regression).
  • XPD-11969 – ATC should offer to request final descent.
  • XPD-13364 – Crew oxygen gauge on default 737 shows wrong value by factor of 1000.

Beta 14

  • XPD-13432 – Fix for washed out forests.
  • XPD-13433 – Possible cloud type/coverage bug.
  • XPD-13423 – Crash cancelling landing clearance under some circumstances.
  • XPD-13388 – Create Multi-Texture Allocate API.
  • XPD-13387 – Allocation Arenas for VRAM based on lifetime.
  • XPD-13367 – Filing a flightplan airborne while already controlled clears most status, potentially making it impossible to continue.
  • XPD-13087 – Flickering of shadows starting after a few minutes when using real weather – frequency dependent on camera movement speed.
  • XPD-13085 – Taxiways on some airports blocked by underpass object.
  • XPD-12793 – Cloud transfer buffer is repeatedly re-allocated.
  • XPD-12783 – Some residential roads have no streetlights at all.
  • XPD-13435 – Improve SSAO on terrain at altitude.
  • XPD-13422 – Tone down color temperature changes.
  • XPD-13418 – Remove more outdated Aerosoft custom airports.
  • XPD-13413 – Library: legacy OBJ-based trees are now deprecated.
  • XPD-13412 – For airports with no defined flows, autogen’d flows should be created for low-vis conditions where not all runways have ILS.
  • XPD-13410 – Approach altitude steps are transmitting before checking terrain avoidance resulting in unnecessary calls.
  • XPD-13397 – From Bug Report: A330 Airbus Interior Objects not “hi res” in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-13343 – SDK DataRef “sim/flightmodel/position/true_psi” contains negative values.
  • XPD-13090 – Unable to rotate elevator from dataref.
  • XPD-12993 – Tree shadow visibility too short and without fade in.
  • XPD-12258 – B737: Crazy flap fairings motion when it’s used as AI.
  • XPD-13407 – Further tuning of the Cirrus SF50 yaw damper system.
  • XPD-13399 – Service Ceiling was too low and affecting cleared altitudes.
  • XPD-13400 – Readback of “Approach Cancelled” message showed a phrase expansion code.
  • XPD-13358 – Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant image on Windows is of poor quality.

Beta 13

  • XPD-13385 – Use in-place weather apply, not copy-mode on Vulkan.
  • XPD-11775 – Far Tree Lighting is Washed Out.
  • XPD-13405 – Super roughness on all terrain.
  • XPD-13395 – Crash with unusable taxi network during reroute.
  • XPD-13392 – Crash with AI with cancelled approach.
  • XPD-13391 – Crash in altering active ILS when no flow is active.
  • XPD-13384 – Crash loading airspace data from malformed atc.dat file.
  • XPD-13361 – Map flight path is a mess.
  • XPD-13234 – Requesting landing can crash when too far away from the airport with no prior ATC interactions.
  • XPD-13406 – loading an old plane crashes the old 2-d panel with an old shader confusion.
  • XPD-13402 – plane-maker key-shortcuts no longer assignable.. a problem for euro keyboards.
  • XPD-13398 – From Bug Report: Fuel tank “moves with” list too long for window height (Plane Maker).
  • XPD-13368 – UI: Update weather preset thumbnails.
  • XPD-13365 – Maintain altitude messages too frequent.
  • XPD-13353 – A330 spoilers deploy when in ‘armed’ position.
  • XPD-13342 – Small jets were prevented from using many airfields due to hardcoded runway size restrictions.
  • XPD-13330 – Beta Alia 250 has no battery % indicator.
  • XPD-13325 – Remove openal32.dll in the X-Plane 12 Resources/dlls/64 folder.
  • XPD-13314 – Issue with sim/operation/override/override_fuel_flow in recip engines.
  • XPD-13270 – No feedback if ATC plan auto-route fails due to short distance to destination.
  • XPD-13268 – F14 Tail hook does not ‘stop’ at the ground, but buries itself when in DSF tiles that do not contain open water.
  • XPD-13257 – Flight path line on map is wrong.
  • XPD-13253 – Stop flagging AMD discrete GPU with 2GB VRAM as having insufficient VRAM.
  • XPD-13252 – Stop flagging cards with 2Gb of VRAM as having insufficient VRAM.
  • XPD-13240 – Null shader error crash with X-World America.
  • XPD-13176 – Gear “retracts” option in Plane Maker has odd behaviour.
  • XPD-13155 – VKB Gladiator MK II config file from user.
  • XPD-13088 – Engine cant datarefs are not writable.
  • XPD-13032 – Rain glass objects visible thru clouds.
  • XPD-12986 – get rid of unused resources.
  • XPD-12848 – Windows missing with AI airplanes depending on the view angle.
  • XPD-11362 – X-Plane_drm_12.prf gets accessed every frame on Steam.
  • XPD-13359 – Landing gear suspension for B58 Baron too soft and other various flight model adjustments.
  • XPD-13340 – Runway names in taxi instructions could be mispronounced.
  • XPD-13280 – For ILS approaches the actual ILS heading should be used for vectors rather than the runway heading.
  • XPD-13245 – Broken mip-map generation for 8k textures.
  • XPD-13215 – Plane Maker Preview hidden by base model.
  • XPD-13404 – Datarefs thrust_n and POINT_thrust read 0 for props.
  • XPD-13377 – Misspelling in German.
  • XPD-13177 – Bodies attached to gear have INOP offset parameters.

Beta 12

  • XPD-13366 – Map checkbox “Disable downwind ILS” disabled the transmitter, not just on the map, and ignored actual airport flow.
  • XPD-13275 – Unable to convert visual to ILS approaches or specifically request ILS.
  • XPD-13264 – Crash due to no runway segment during touch-n-go.
  • XPD-12795 – cloud shadows where there should not be cloud shadows.
  • XPD-13356 – QNH broadcasts and updates can be too frequent.
  • XPD-13351 – Circuit size could be very large because some aircraft have a flap-extend speed of 999kts.
  • XPD-13347 – Pronunciation of radio frequencies needs to be region-specific.
  • XPD-13322 – Missing objects in Beta 9 – fuel trucks.
  • XPD-13307 – Widget text not centered.
  • XPD-13306 – dataref acf_throtmax_FWD does not have effect above 1.0.
  • XPD-13294 – XPLMLoadDataFile is not working correctly.
  • XPD-13291 – XPLMMeasureString(xplmFont_Proportional returning wrong length by plus 30%.
  • XPD-13276 – Taxi routes with no name are causing issues with ATC speech.
  • XPD-13258 – “Did you know” texts need updating.
  • XPD-13126 – Wrong True Heading Readouts.
  • XPD-12067 – Plane is shaded as if under overcast layer even when far above it.
  • XPD-13355 – “Repeat Last” call did not work after a handoff to another controller.
  • XPD-13335 – X-Plane can’t broadcast to single and all external apps at the same time.
  • XPD-13312 – Don’t tell aircraft to climb and then descend when joining an approach route if not needed for MSA.
  • XPD-13140 – Vectors to the runway should not be created until the last waypoint on a flightplan is reached.
  • XPD-13134 – Citation X needs Vmo/Mmo indication on speed tape.
  • XPD-11785 – Marginal VFR preset – incorrect visibility .
  • XPD-13337 – Disabling all scenary packs including global airports crashes on startup.
  • XPD-13147 – RV10 Autopilot Switch has no audible “click”.
  • XPD-12702 – DCT should be understood in the route section.
  • XPD-9334 – Default windsock lit spotlight not animated.

Beta 11

  • Emergency hot fix for broken draped polygon textures. This fixes gray boxes all over airports.

Beta 10

  • XPD-13318 – NFREQ Assert: Bad input to set_Nfreq: F-14.
  • XPD-13260 – Wing flex still screwy.
  • XPD-13302 – Add FMOD support to boats (including carrier).
  • XPD-13279 – XP12 does not use TLS (https).
  • XPD-13255 – Limit auto-docking jetway tunnel articulation range.
  • XPD-11181 – Jetway from the wrong side is used.
  • XPD-13316 – Excessive XPLMGetFMSEntryInfo performance cost.
  • XPD-13311 – autopilot LOC/GS cannot lock onto GLS tuned on MMR .
  • XPD-13309 – all navigation drifts off course after 180 nautical miles of tracking perfectly.
  • XPD-13303 – Some jetways rendered with wrong cabin heading.
  • XPD-13292 – 737 is unable to switch to AI control on the ground.
  • XPD-13289 – From Bug Report: Alia 250 Wrong GPS Popout.
  • XPD-13288 – shift-6 view does not rotate with airplane. oops.
  • XPD-13287 – UI: Change behavior of “Show aircraft from old versions” checkbox.
  • XPD-13286 – New airport scenery objects.
  • XPD-13273 – Use borderless full screen instead of full screen exclusive.
  • XPD-13272 – Ford carrier small fix: catapult shuttles.
  • XPD-13261 – Jetway docks too high.
  • XPD-13251 – Electric trim not turned on when loading a new plane.
  • XPD-13250 – RAT-driven generator cannot be manually extended.
  • XPD-13112 – Moving jetways rendered bogous when flying into airport.

Beta 9

  • XPD-12924 – Crashes when enabling FSR with mis-matched monitor aspect ratios.
  • XPD-13263 – Weight and balance system acting weird after resaving aircraft with latest planemaker (SR22 example).
  • XPD-13235 – RV10 visible polygons in internal glass.
  • XPD-13266 – New Landmarks package: Portland.
  • XPD-13262 – Updated Global Airports.
  • XPD-13249 – New assets for legacy airport scenery objects.
  • XPD-13239 – (Light) aircraft pitch down unduly at the moment of touchdown.
  • XPD-13180 – F-14 Tomcat Missing Livery Preview (VF31 AJ105 BuNo 159619).
  • XPD-13148 – Regression in XPLMPlaceUserAtLocation() function with gear position.
  • XPD-13046 – Move crashpad handler executables to the proper “shipping” locations.
  • XPD-13045 – Implement GUI for new crashpad handler.
  • XPD-12812 – UI: No visual indication of the splitter bar in the ATC dialog.
  • XPD-13238 – Expose rain debug utility to developers.
  • XPD-13178 – Lancair Evolution Particle Separator has no effect.
  • XPD-12824 – strange surging effect of rainstreaks on windows (starts-stops-starts-stops…).
  • XPD-12749 – Ground handling speech doesn’t have signal processing.
  • XPD-13143 – Cirrus Vision SF50 Landing lights not visible during the day.

Beta 8

  • XPD-13113 – Still having “Approach has gone backwards” and VFR approaches going missed.
  • XPD-13020 – Legacy Dataref CG Z Maps to Wrong Unit.
  • XPD-12077 – Bug report: light_attenuation dataref alway 1.0.
  • XPD-13228 – Art: Pilots for A330 and 737.
  • XPD-13223 – Update Scenery Gateway missing runway autoreporter URL.
  • XPD-13218 – Handle contact point fails a dev assert when checking for collisions.
  • XPD-13170 – sim/graphics/animation/carrier_catapult_station_rat not working for XCAR3 and XCAR4.
  • XPD-13152 – Hiding the ground-ops window in VR also hides the ATC window.
  • XPD-13149 – XPLMSaveDataFile / XPLMLoadDataFile – save/load inccorect data.
  • XPD-13125 – Erroneous dataref values in sim/world/boat/{x,z}_mtr[0,1].
  • XPD-13102 – Potential crash after departure.
  • XPD-13093 – Hold-short messages may refer to the wrong end of active runways to cross.
  • XPD-13092 – MIssing sim/world/boat/carrier_catshot_status?
  • XPD-13091 – set radio nav freq by dataref does not work correctly.
  • XPD-13089 – sim/ice/anti_ice_toggle command is not working.
  • XPD-13077 – Wings dont droop under fuel load.
  • XPD-13071 – CTD when using CDU815 in custom A/C in PM.
  • XPD-12831 – Datarefs overwritten during merge.
  • XPD-12797 – Request to allow VFR landing after a zone transit.
  • XPD-11427 – Bug report: XPLMCanWriteDataRef always returns true for DataRefs.txt.
  • XPD-11400 – Horizon tilts when panning tower view.
  • XPD-13214 – From Bug Report: Panel maker interface for 3D panel shifted and unreadable.
  • XPD-13172 – Citation X has brakes still set to hydraulic system B, should be A.
  • XPD-13154 – Zone transit should use actual airspace boundary if it’s not ridiculously large.
  • XPD-13153 – IFR clearance should include a squawk code even for relayed clearance.
  • XPD-13138 – Unable to change aircraft basic information if departure ICAO is populated.
  • XPD-13114 – LSO is calling “drop your hook” for aircraft with no tailhook.
  • XPD-13095 – Taxiway names with spaces were not loaded correctly.
  • XPD-12087 – Request for a dataref that shows the state of the UI selected scaling.
  • XPD-13217 – Pronounce name of Ethiopia’s Bole airport (HAAB) correctly.
  • XPD-13141 – F14 F-14 Tomcat Right and Left Engine Fuel Shutoff Handle INOP.
  • XPD-13132 – Ground Attitude in Plane Maker acts crazy.
  • XPD-13122 – Slow speed taxing of the MD82 excessively rolls the aircraft.

Beta 7

  • XPD-13130 – networked computer view (ex-visuals) FREEZE in beta 5.
  • XPD-13076 – Crash Dev Assert test_b5 branch.
  • XPD-13111 – S76: Front wheel moves violently with rudder input.
  • XPD-13098 – No landing clearance on VFR circuit at KBED.
  • XPD-13041 – KBED Needs Controllers and Traffic Pattern.
  • XPD-12892 – Change the “Did you know” text during load.
  • XPD-12843 – Sound levels in 844X need some work.
  • XPD-13148 – Regression in XPLMPlaceUserAtLocation() function with gear position.
  • XPD-13137 – R22 engine materials tuning.
  • XPD-13109 – Beech Baron altimeter only uses millibar.
  • XPD-13096 – “SDK XPLMPlaceUserAtLocation”.
  • XPD-13067 – Minor tweaks to roof decals.
  • XPD-13058 – Increase windspeed limit in manual weather setup.
  • XPD-12234 – Bug report: Without flight path from networked multiplayer planes.
  • XPD-13118 – G1000 Popout does not brighten or dim when using the panel brightness or avionics knob.
  • XPD-13116 – Baron B58 – Panel switch must be on to show avionics (530/KX/ADF).
  • XPD-13110 – Cylinder head temperatures in default SR22 go off the scale on long flights.
  • XPD-13074 – Further tuning of Schleicher ASK-21 glider.
  • XPD-12909 – Add KBTV Burlington to Custom Scenery folder (airport with custom objects for Austin).
  • XPD-12435 – Below GS light illuminating on 737 even if not within warning mode envelope.
  • XPD-12350 – Airbus replay incorrect.
  • XPD-12286 – At a FISO field, “request taxi for departure” should be “tailnum, type, (local area|circuits|returning today), X POB”.
  • XPD-13119 – “Show Extra Aircraft” Checkbox displays out of date help message.
  • XPD-13115 – Southwest Airlines stopped using “Cactus” callsign in 2015.
  • XPD-13105 – A330 radios are inoperative.
  • XPD-12771 – Engine anti-ice warning lights and valve lights on default 737 have wrong logic.

Beta 6

  • XPD-13075 – Crash with AI logic executing on part-constructed aircraft.
  • XPD-12954 – crash while dragging nodes around during side view of fuselage in Planemaker.
  • XPD-11404 – Constant magenta NaNs with GeForce 900 series GPUs.
  • XPD-13077 – wings dont droop under fuel load.
  • XPD-12627 – Implement KTX2 for compressing normal textures.
  • XPD-12207 – NaN magenta box in ATC window.
  • XPD-13056 – ATIS broadcasts use the lowest wind layer not the one at the airport altitude.
  • XPD-13007 – Radio range was not being taken into account for ATIS broadcasts.
  • XPD-12940 – AI are still requesting taxi for departure when a gate-hold is in effect.
  • XPD-12998 – Dev builds assert with altitude < 0 in radio parameter expansion.

Beta 5

  • XPD-11803 XPLMGetFMSEntryInfo is always returning an outref of XPLM_NAV_NOT_FOUND.
  • XPD-11845 Fire test on 737-800 should stop when test switch is released back to neutral.
  • XPD-12182 When determining the min height required for the description widget, make sure to use the correct font.
  • XPD-12328 Phraseology issues for circuit instructions.
  • XPD-12438 AFIS should never issue any heading.
  • XPD-12582 Runway floats above airport and airplane goes through it.
  • XPD-12889 Background image in Planemaker stuck in zoom relative to geometry.
  • XPD-12894 CTD with Citation X dial.
  • XPD-12919 Crash after failing to file a flightplan due to invalid navaid.
  • XPD-12925 Pushback truck confirmation missing when not called from ATC dialog.
  • XPD-12976 Dynamic objects small update.
  • XPD-12981 As per reality, a330 needs to be able to turn OFF the wxr radar to turn ON the terrain-warning-map!
  • XPD-12992 C172SP analogue panel needs manipulator updated for the CDI2 instrument.
  • XPD-13008 SF50 has no internal rain sounds.
  • XPD-13014 Floating markings at KASE.
  • XPD-13016 PA18: Hide XPad holder when not in VR.
  • XPD-13017 R22: Hide XPad holder when not in VR.
  • XPD-13018 Hide xpad holder on F4.
  • XPD-13019 Bug in FMOD sound script of Citation X does not allow playing of altitude alert.
  • XPD-13049 Tailhook degrees dataref inop if no carrier.
  • XPD-13050 Plane maker ASDW keys stopped working to adjust model orientation.
  • XPD-13052 Crash Loading Aircraft Due to ASync Sound.
  • XPD-13053 Real weather download is loading crap data into X-Plane.
  • XPD-13068 No environment sound datarefs being passed as params to environmental bank.

Beta 4

  • XPD-12423 Boat wakes should replay.
  • XPD-12513 Mismatched 3D water wake on replay.
  • XPD-12542 Many frequency changes upon vectoring to visual approach.
  • XPD-12628 Planemaker dialogs lag behind when dragged.
  • XPD-12794 UTL_art_asset and other classes delete resources under lock.
  • XPD-12825 Can get short silence at the end of some transmissions.
  • XPD-12826 Restored joystick axis label symbols.
  • XPD-12867 Crash checking in with area controller (after landing).
  • XPD-12868 Better carrier ops for old planes, too!
  • XPD-12871 When using the “show air traffic paths” option, altitudes are wrong.
  • XPD-12873 ATC should hold FMOD’s m_continuation_group during preparation for playback.
  • XPD-12875 Engine and transmission temperature model is incorrect and inconsistent.
  • XPD-12886 Don’t allow a FISO to provide “request heading” or “uncertain of position”.
  • XPD-12889 Background image in Planemaker stuck in zoom relative to geometry.
  • XPD-12898 Request Frequency Change had inverted logic.
  • XPD-12901 AI stuck in a loop missing final.
  • XPD-12904 Excessive approach revectors due to route checking.
  • XPD-12915 Crash on error exit in boat manager.
  • XPD-12923 Liberty Island lights fixed.
  • XPD-12925 Improvements to ground-ops window, always give feedback.
  • XPD-12931 Initial magenta NaN pain relief.
  • XPD-12945 VR system left handles in place after a window was popped out.
  • XPD-12947 San Francisco Landmarks update.
  • XPD-12949 A330 flaps not controllable by an analog joystick AXIS.
  • XPD-12952 Thread shutdown crash.
  • XPD-12953 Citation X FMC Causing Crash entering STAR.
  • XPD-12955 Crash after requesting taxi to stand from hold-short point.
  • XPD-12958 Have the taxi route stay on the actual route but still show the way back to it.
  • XPD-12966 AI can end up in the wrong state after an approach revector.
  • XPD-12976 Dynamic objects small update.
  • XPD-13001 Marked X-Plane 11 as an “old key” in X-Plane 12.

Beta 3

  • Restored in-app purchase.
  • Made bleed air availability writeable with override.
  • XPD-10960 XPLM always returns success for a terrain probe even if it fails.
  • XPD-12520 Fixed black screen when bailing early from intro.
  • XPD-12778 AI needs to not use ‘airshow smoke’.
  • XPD-12895 CTD with Citation by trying to access PERF LANDING page #3 of 3.
  • XPD-12902 CTD while struggling to enter the route in the A333 MCDU.
  • XPD-12905 CTD with Citation X when selecting a STAR.
  • XPD-12912 Waves move in slow motion.
  • XPD-12915 This fixes a crash on exit in the boat manager.
  • XPD-12916 Crash detecting unplanned user runway use.
  • XPD-12917 Crash from null pointer in controller list.
  • XPD-12919 Crash after re-filing bad flightplan after filing good flightplan.
  • XPD-12928 Fixed facade-scraper radio masts failing due to incorrect slant error.
  • XPD-12932, XPD-12961 Demo mode pop up text says Seattle not Portland.
  • XPD-12939 Manuals still list KSEA not KPDX as demo area.
  • XPD-12944 Typo in rendering settings menu.
  • XPD-12946 Old landmark situations from X-Plane 11 not working.
  • XPD-12962 CTD When changing fuel tank selector on Lancair Evolution.
  • XPD-12893 Extremely jittery pixellation in clouds in VR.

Beta 2

  • Turned off in-app purchase temporarily.
  • XPD-12932 Demo mode pop up text says Seattle not Portland.

Beta 1

  • Rename of alpha 38 and Early Access launch.

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