Object-Oriented Programming and X-Plane 10

A note on the internal structure of X-Plane 10: As X-Plane grows in scope to be a world simulator, not just a flight simulator, with many process to fly airplanes by air traffic control, drive cars along the roads and highways, and build forests and cities according to interesting little algorithms, all at the same […]

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Aircraft Comparisons

To add to the photos from , we have side-by-side comparisons of the new Version 10 aircraft with their Version 9 counterparts. Note especially the increased texture resolution, the smoother shapes, the increased level of detail (especially around engine pylons and gear assemblies). As you can tell, our aircraft models have come a long way […]

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Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 2 (Aircraft)

In this second installment of Version 10 Tuesdays, we’re featuring many of the aircraft you’ll find by default in X-Plane 10. From the totally overhauled Space Shuttle Endeavour to the beautiful Boeing 747, the refined KC-10, and the thrilling X-15, our aircraft models have come a long way since X-Plane 9. To see these aircraft […]

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X-Plane 10 Weather

OK, I have given you the rundown on the plausible, scalable, dynamic world for X-Plane 10. If you haven’t read it yet, see the post from 15 September. I have given you the run-down on the system requirements: lower than X-Plane 9, because of it’s more efficient use of RAM and CPU, but desiring all […]

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Version 10 Tuesdays, Installment 1

Welcome to the first edition of Version 10 Tuesdays! Once a week, we’ll be releasing screenshots of the upcoming X-Plane 10. The images in this week’s installment are demonstrating the X-Plane 10 “plausible world” model. From airports to roads to buildings, X-Plane 10 scenery represents a huge change in our modeling. We’re building every city […]

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The X-Plane 10 Core Engine

From Austin, lead developer and owner of X-Plane: I have a write-up a mile long of all the features already done for X-Plane 10, but let’s save all those details for later. Other than a gajillion various flight-model and scenery over-hauls and a near-complete internal re-write to make the code more object-oriented and thus easier […]

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