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Shad Shadwell

As a student pilot “Shad” Shadwell values practicing flying X-Plane. Flight Simulators are not new to Shad as he recalls his sim experiences started around 1980. When he switched to a Macintosh he was in search for a flight sim that would work with this platform. It was about 4 years ago that X-Plane came […]

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Mike Turner

Mike Turner doesn’t recall exactly how he first discovered X-Plane, but believes it was because he always admired the idea of Austin tackling the megabucks of Microsoft virtually alone.  He guessed it was about 2003 when he started using version 7 on his Linux. Greater realism compared to other sims is what attracted Mike to […]

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Bill Bargagliotti

iMac user “Billy” Bargagliotti began his X-Plane career because, “I never did like Microsoft Flight Simulator.  I have an iMac and they forgot us!  Also, Microsoft  just isn’t real enough.”  Billy is an Instrument rated Commercial Pilot in Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, and Multi Engine Land aircraft, and also a Dispatcher.  He is […]

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Tom Gielda

X-Plane is the perfect learning tool for the engineers of today and tomorrow.

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Professor Ray Bédard

X-Plane’s Plane Maker program allows our Embry-Riddle team to very accurately evaluate the performance of the model and subsequent modifications.

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Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald, 40 years as a business manager in the auto industry, says that it was a life-changing moment when he saw an X-Plane promotional video.  Up to that time he’d logged more than 500 hours in 18 months on Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Now he believes that X-Plane is light years superior to Microsoft’s simulator.  […]

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James Brennan

Retired Navy pilot and airline pilot James (JJ) Brennan was asked how long he has been flying X-Plane. His answer? “A LONG time!” JJ added that he was one of the original X-Plane users. He recalls hearing that X-Plane would be a great resource for his son to practice his instrument currency. His son, now […]

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Fenton Robb

Just ask eighty-eight year old Fenton Robb his reasons for using X-Plane. He says, “Like every schoolboy at the time I had the ambition to be a fighter pilot. In 1940 I was a member of the Air Training Corps, serving as the only wireless mechanic ground staff because of my poor eyesight. I was […]

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Jan Vogel

Captain Jan Vogel

X-Plane is my flight simulator because it offers great flight models, excellent graphics, a smooth frame rate, and realistic weather and lighting.

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