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Jan Vogel Jan Vogel

Much like the familiar ‘armchair flying,’ executing a challenging instrument approach with X-Plane alerts me to any pitfalls and prepares me mentally.  I have the confidence of familiarity once I am in the airplane and actually flying the approach.

Fenton Robb Fenton Robb 

I am back in the ‘air’ again, whizzing all over the place, learning about GPS, glass panels, helicopters, firefighting, mid-air refueling, and landing on carriers … X-Plane is a life preserver!

Thomson Meeks Thomson Meeks

My favorite experiences with X-Plane are with huge group flights. VatSIM allows you to see other pilots and also interact with ATC. As a student pilot, I find VatSIM invaluable for learning about ATC communications. VatSIM also opens up the social simulation flying world. Once signed up you can join a number of group flights organized by virtual airlines.

Robert McDonald Robert McDonald

X-Plane is built to take advantage of today’s high-end PCs.  The competitor’s product does not take advantage of a great PC capable of blazing performance, and a good graphics card is nearly useless.  But X-Plane 10 is future-proof.

James Brennan James (JJ) Brennan

X-Plane is a wonderful simulator program doing anything you want. It’s amazing how technically faithful the operation of the 747 simulator is to that of the real aircraft. But don’t tell United that anyone can now fly the 747 by using X-Plane! It’s remarkable!

Tom Gielda Professor Tom Gielda

X-Plane’s program, Plane Maker, is a powerful tool allowing design engineers to look at the integrated design of the aircraft.  All too often companies develop the aircraft in functional silos.  This development process takes too long and does not allow synergies to be explored and exploited.  X-Plane is the perfect learning tool for the engineers of today and tomorrow.

Ray Bedard Professor Raynald (Ray) Bédard

X-Plane’s Plane Maker program allows our Embry-Riddle team to very accurately evaluate the performance of the model and subsequent modifications. It’s a very powerful modeling tool making it easy to create aircraft with very specific flight characteristics.

Bill Bargagliotti “Billy” Bargagliotti

I never did like Microsoft Flight Simulator.  I have an iMac and they forgot us!  Also, Microsoft  just isn’t real enough.

Mike Turner Mike Turner

I like how it is scalable to whatever CPU or graphics card you have, enhancing the involved flying experiences.

Shad Shadwell “Shad” Shadwell

X-plane is updated almost weekly. Not so with the other flight sims! Finally, but most important, I noticed that if I had a question and emailed support, I received an answer within the hour. I was hooked!

Bruce Erwin Bruce Erwin

[The flights] are all good.  When flying X-Plane our other world disappears.  I’m lost within a virtual dream, not having realized in real life the ambition to be a licensed pilot.

JetManHuss JetManHuss

X-Plane is a real part of my life, from pure hobby to a high-end reference professional calculator.  Over the last couple of years I began developing aircraft for X-Plane, finding it the best way to combine science with my hobby that is both challenging and satisfying.

Michel Michel Verheugh

I modeled the aircraft in PlaneMaker that my father flew often with Belgian livery, the C-119 Flying Boxcar aircraft.  After giving my design to Austin I was honored that he included my model as part of the standard X-Plane package.

Dan and Wife Dominic Smith

Since 2002 I have emailed Austin and Ben.  They always answer with friendly responses.  I couldn’t say the same for Microsoft!  With X-Plane it’s a personal journey we are all on together.

Philipp & Austin & Team Philipp J. Muenzel

When planning for my first cross country flight I realized I was doing exactly the same thing I have been doing in X-Plane for years!  There was no difference in flight preparation up to the point when I stepped into the actual aircraft.  Once in the air, I was then confident in what I was doing – because I’d been there already, the night before, in X-Plane!

BrianLewis Brian Lewis

This realism in terms of navigation is what helped me so much in getting my PPL at 42.7 hours.

Jon Hyams

Thank you for making it possible for people like me to live their dream.

Braden_Boggs_crop Braden Boggs

I’m so grateful for X-Plane. It has helped me increase my flight skills and abilities.

Eric Spiegelberg Eric Spiegelberg

I would recommend anyone embarking on aviation flight training consider X-Plane a core part of their training; the results are direct, tangible, and fantastic!

Greg Black Greg Black

I credit my great instructor and X-Plane for my success.

James Walsh

X-Plane gives me the opportunity to practice my old skills (especially instrument flying) plus the sheer fun of flying WWII aircraft I have always wanted to get my hands on.