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Landmarks in X-Plane 11: London

X-Plane 11.10 Landmarks - London

Laminar Research is working to fill the X-Plane world with the global landmarks you know and love. X-Plane 11.10 will feature new custom objects for many iconic buildings in London, England. As a passenger or a pilot, watch for sights such as the Eye, the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, and Westminster Palace. Screenshots

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Joystick & Keyboard Profiles in X-Plane 11.10

Joystick profiles in X-Plane 11.10

The X-Plane 11.10 update is the first major update for X-Plane 11. One of its new features is a way to save joystick & keyboard profiles. Before this update, X-Plane remembered any changes you made to the joystick or keyboard settings as the one and only version in preferences. In the 11.10 update you can […]

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Meet Randy Witt, Customer Support Manager

Question: What’s your title with X-Plane? Answer: Manager, Customer Support. Actually the Manager title is a little bit silly because we’re a small company and I’m a one-man show. Still, I suppose it does make me sound slightly more important so I’ll take it. 🙂 Q: What does a typical day look like? A: Of […]

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Patent Scam Documentary Now Available

The Patent Scam movie poster

X-Plane creator Austin Meyer and many other developers have been sued by a company called Uniloc for using the Google Play store to distribute apps on Android. These lawsuits, and countless others like them, come from lawyers’ offices and shell companies that do not actually create any goods or services, but instead only sue people […]

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X-Plane 11.05 Major Airport Update

X-Plane 11.05 is now available as a beta. This is the first release of scenery submitted to the Airport Scenery Gateway which include new X-Plane 11 features such as service truck routes. This update also includes new scenery for many of the world’s busiest airports, and the first release of landmarks for X-Plane 11 at […]

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X-Plane Team Meets, Plans, & Answers Your Questions

The members of X-Plane team are spread around the world, but about twice a year a group gets together in person to discuss the future plans for the simulator. Many of the team was able to meet recently near Kansas City, USA to plan, disagree, test, resolve, present new ideas, sip whisky, and even answer your questions. If […]

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Laminar Research’s Videos from FlightSimCon

Laminar Research attended FlightSimCon 2017 in Connecticut on June 10-11. Here are videos from Saturday’s full presentation on X-Plane 11 and the roadmap for the upcoming years, including the full VR demo Chris Serio presented. Developers from X-Plane were also part of a panel that fielded audience questions on the status and future of flight simulation. A lot […]

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Pilot Experience Impacts Laminar Research Development

Laminar Research products are developed by pilots, and their real world experience is constantly informing updates and improvements. Austin Meyer recently had inspiration for a Xavion update literally hit him in the head. While flying his personal aircraft, he passed through the wake turbulence of a nearby MD-80, which slammed him around the cockpit and left some lingering […]

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X-Plane 11 on DVD

X-Plane 11 is now available on DVD from Laminar Research! This 8 DVD set is great for people who: Have a DVD drive Have a slow or unreliable internet connection Have a computer that meets these minimum requirements X-Plane 11 on DVD or digital download includes: Universal platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) Worldwide scenery 11 high-quality aircraft with immersive 3-D […]

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Interview With Julian Lockwood, Gateway Architect & Moderator

Julian Lockwood is the main man behind the Airport Scenery Gateway. He moderates all the incoming airport submissions, and liaises with both the artists, and the Laminar team, to get X-Plane populated with the 3D airports that people want and expect to see in a contemporary flight simulator. Question: What are your duties with X-Plane […]

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